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Today's consumer has evolved considerably. Better informed, well-travelled, and very vocal about what they want and when they want it. Customers want to be treated as individuals — whether it's holidays, jewellery or coffee, consumers are seeking customisation and personalisation, that little extra something that makes them feel like brands understand them. 

From new customer segments to burgeoning online shoppers, eight Tata brands share their take on the biggest retail trends today.

IHCL Indian Hotels Company Ltd

Transformative Experiences

Travel that epitomises well-being, personal fulfillment and spontaneity. Renu Basu, senior vice president — global sales and marketing, IHCL, explains how Taj Hotels is checking all the boxes when it comes to meeting the needs of travellers today. Arrow
Vistara (Tata SIA Airlines Ltd)

The Glamour Of Flying

Consumers remain price-conscious but a segment is willing to pay for premium services. Sanjiv Kapoor, chief strategy and commercial officer, Vistara, offers insights into the biggest trends in the aviation sector. Arrow
Croma (Infiniti Retail) Croma (Infiniti Retail)

The Connected World

Customers today recognise that connected devices are the future — and the present. Ritesh Ghoshal, chief of marketing and insights, Infiniti Retail, discusses this and other major trends in the consumer electronics sector. Arrow
Tata Starbucks

What's Brewing?

Customers are seeking opportunities to experiment with their coffee and want to make the switch to healthier beverages. Navin Gurnaney, chief executive officer, Tata Starbucks, shares how the company's newest offerings are meeting customers' needs. Arrow
Star Bazaar Star Bazaar (Trent Hypermarket Ltd)

Shopping Cart Reloaded

Seema Modi, Director, Commercial and Marketing at Trent, views the rise of in-house brands as one of the three key trends in the retail business. She shares how Star Bazaar is staying ahead of the curve with its own in-house brands. Arrow
Titan Watches

Time And Tech

Smart connected watches and wearables and quick, 24/7 access via e-commerce platforms are pushing growth in the industry, explains Suparna Mitra, chief sales and marketing officer, watches and accessories division, Titan Company Limited. Arrow
Westside Westside (Trent Limited)

The Age of Hyper-personalisation

It's important that brands stay relevant when interacting with customers. According to Krithika Sriram, head of marketing – Westside and Landmark, Trent Limited, this can be achieved through hyper-personalisation. Arrow
Tanishq (Titan Co Ltd)

Reviving Heritage

Traditional jewellery is making a comeback, while men embrace pieces that go beyond wedding rings. Deepika Tewari, associate vice president – marketing, Tanishq, Titan Co Ltd, comments on which trends are ruling the industry. Arrow