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The Tata group has a three-pronged strategy to encourage and enhance innovation across business sectors and companies. The three key drivers are better communication and recognition of innovative ideas and efforts, facilities and initiatives that enable learning from other companies, and support for collaborative research and partnerships with academia.

Group-wide Innovation Forum

The group has a vibrant network that connects Tata companies all over the world, stimulating innovative thinking and fostering collaboration and research. The forum organises a number of events and workshops and facilitates interaction between Tata managers, innovation experts and academicians.

We regularly invite academics and other experts in the field to conduct workshops and seminars which introduce new innovative concepts and tools and stimulate innovative thinking among Tata managers. The experts include Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School, best known for his theory of disruptive innovation; the organizational theorist Prof Henry Chesbrough of the University of California, Berkeley; the futurist Dr James Canton of the Institute of Global Futures; Prof Julian Birkinshaw of the London Business School; the author of "The Big Shift", Langdon Morris

There are several platforms for collaboration on technology and innovation both within the Tata ecosystem and with external organisations such as DuPont.

Tata group companies invest in building outstanding research facilities and forging partnerships with academic and research organisations in order to encourage creative thinking and find innovative solutions that improve quality of life. Some of these facilities are profiled below.

Tata Chemicals

Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre

The centre focuses on new and green chemicals technology. It looks at emerging areas such as nano-technology, fermentation and bio-fuels. TCIC plays a dual role: greening existing businesses by looking at biochemical processes that are more environment-friendly or more energy efficient to make the same product, as well as developing new products. Arrow

Tata Steel Europe Research, Development & Technology

The Research, Development and Technology (RD&T) business of Tata Steel Europe combines top class innovation with cutting edge technology to deliver ‘metals solutions’ in a constantly changing world. RD&T has almost 950 researchers across Britain and the Netherlands. Arrow
TCS Innovation Labs

TCS Innovation Labs

TCS has a global network of innovation labs, classified as technology labs, academic alliance labs and domain labs. The labs create differentiators and build innovation capabilities for TCS’s businesses, helping its customers with innovation across different time zones. Arrow

Tata Motors European Technical Centre

Based in Coventry, UK, this wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd, is a centre of excellence for automotive design and engineering. TMETC provides research and development principally for Tata Motors but also for selected partners in the automotive industry. Arrow