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The first enterprise set up by the founder Jamsetji Tata, in 1868, was a private trading firm.

Tata Industries was incorporated set up in 1945 as a managing agency arm of Tata Sons. Today, it promotes and incubates the group's entry into new businesses. It is also an investment holding company with stakes in select Tata group companies.

Tata Investment Corporation is a non-banking financial company primarily involved in investing in long-term investments such as equity shares and equity-related securities.

Tata International is a global trading and distribution company with interests in five business verticals comprising metals, minerals and agri-trading, auto distribution and leather and leather products.

Business Highlights FY 2017-18

  • Tata International improved profitability for the Metals and Minerals Trading businesses. The company undertook a restructuring exercise to prune loss-making businesses 
  • Tata Industries is progressing two new ventures, Flisom and Tata SmartFoodz, from pilot towards manufacturing at scale.
  • Tata CLiQ completed its first full financial year of operations and is poised for continued rapid growth
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Tata International

Tata International

Tata International is a global business with interests in Trading, Auto Distribution and Leather
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Tata Industries

Tata Industries promotes and incubates the Tata Group’s entry into new businesses

Tata Investment Corporation

Tata Investment Corporation, an NBFC, is primarily involved in long-term investment
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