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In the past three decades, Tata Industries has promoted and incubated Tata ventures in several sectors, including control systems, information technology, financial services, auto components, aerospace and defence, telecom hardware and telecommunication services, as well as high tech food processing technology, digital classrooms and e-retail.

The current key portfolio companies of Tata Industries are:

  • Tata ClassEdge – Technology driven teaching-learning solutions and digital classrooms.
  • Inzpera Healthsciences - Therapeutically efficacious and palatable products for the paediatric market.

Tata Industries also hosts divisions that support the Tata group centre and Tata companies: 

  • Tata Strategic Management Group - Strategy centre of excellence for the Tata group, which works with the Chairman's Office and the leadership of Group companies to develop and implement business strategy.
  • Tata iQ – Big data and analytics centre of excellence, supporting Tata companies drive business results through data engineering and advanced analytics

Apart from the above, Tata Industries is also an investment holding company with stakes in select group companies.


KRS Jamwal

KRS Jamwal, as executive director of Tata Industries, is responsible for the incubation of new ventures as well as investments made by Tata Industries in new businesses and start-ups. Arrow

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