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No one was prepared for the Covid-19 juggernaut. The pandemic has raged through populations around the world, exacting a terrible human cost — over 470,000 of the 9 million+ people infected have died from the disease (WHO Situation Report, June 24, 2020) — and in many countries around the world, infection rates have yet to peak. Even as we continue to learn new information about this novel coronavirus, there’s one thing experts agree on: we’re far from the finish line.

The speed and ferocity with which the virus has spread, and the consequent lockdowns around the world, have left the global economy on shaky ground. The hospitality and aviation businesses are reeling, but manufacturing, retail and other service industries have also had setbacks. This, and fears of a second wave of the virus, have raised questions about our collective global economic future. Pundits are anticipating a recession — some say we are already in it. Some fear that the indirect human cost of this pandemic, through loss of livelihood and starvation, will be even greater than those dying from Covid-19.

Tata companies have sprung into action to alleviate the impact of the pandemic, leading the way through compassion, innovation and adaptation. Since Covid-19 peaked globally, and then in India, Tata companies are working round the clock to ensure availability of essential goods and services for the country in challenging lockdown situations. They are enabling organisations around the world to continue operations and remain productive with best-in-industry technology and communications solutions, as well as adapting their businesses to new protocols and safety measures to protect their employees, customers and the many stakeholders. 

Click through the stories below to read how Tata companies have navigated the pandemic to adapt to the new normal.

—Anuradha Anupkumar, Arushi Agrawal, Cynthia Rodrigues & Sanghamitra Bhowmik

The Star Hypermarket team The Star Bazaar team has been on the frontlines

Essentially Efficient

Tata Consumer Products and Star (Trent Hypermarket) re-evaluated and rejigged their logistics and supply chain during the Covid-19 lockdown to ensure a steady supply of essential goods to their customers, while ensuring employee safety by establishing and observing strict safety protocols. Arrow
Employee safety at Tata Power has been paramount

Ready To Serve

Since the beginning of the lockdown, Tata Power's and Tata Teleservices' teams have been on the frontlines, working resolutely to ensure steady access to essential services like electricity and connectivity for individuals, organisations and businesses during the pandemic, while adapting quickly to meet changing needs of customers. Arrow
Working from home TCS is uniquely positioned to migrate to remote working

Tech Support

As a leading technology provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is working with over a thousand organisations across the world to keep them running. The company powers the financial backbone of several countries, supports some of the largest healthcare companies in the world, and runs tech for governments and public service operations. Arrow
Tata Communications has been keeping mission-critical infrastructure up and running

Connecting The World

Tata Communications has been keeping people and businesses around the world connected at a time when we've never been more isolated. Despite the impact the pandemic has had on the sector, economic disruptions have presented opportunities to re-evaluate and de-risk the end-to-end value chain and accelerate remote working. Arrow
Tata Motors plant Social distancing at a Tata Motors plant

Building Towards The Future

Tata companies like Tata Motors, Tata Chemicals, Voltas and Tata Projects have had to contend with the challenges faced by the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors during the pandemic, and have adapted quickly to the new status quo, while using the opportunity to prepare for the future. Arrow
Employees at a Titan Eye Plus store, prepared to serve customers

Retail Therapy

The first phase of the lockdown mandated the temporary closure of all non-essential businesses, which meant an almost 100 percent impact on consumer-facing businesses like Titan, Tata Motors and Voltas’s retail segment. Nevertheless, these companies have found ways to continue engaging their customers Arrow

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