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In November 2019, Tata Starbucks announced that it had achieved 100% pay parity, a key milestone that demonstrated its commitment to gender equality.

The company has consistently provided its female partners with opportunities to grow through initiatives designed to motivate women to remain in the workforce and to increase their representation in the organisation. 

The company's push for gender parity extends to its leadership team as well — 33 percent of the company’s leadership constitutes women. Deepa Krishnan, Nabamita Banerjee and Smriti Sekhsaria reflect on their journey and the mission that drives them.

—Anuradha Anupkumar

Photograph by Tejal Pandey

Deepa Krishnan Deepa Krishnan

'It's about making a meaningful impact'

In a career spanning over 20 years, Deepa Krishnan's focus has always been the customer. As head of marketing, category, loyalty and digital at Tata Starbucks, she continues to put customers in the spotlight, and is driven to make an impact by taking the brand to greater heights in the India market. Arrow
Nabamita Banerjee

'It's one of the best decisions I've ever made'

Nabamita Banerjee personally knows how marriage, mobility and maternity can impact women's careers. Today, as head of human (partner) resources at Tata Starbucks, she leads the company's many diversity initiatives that are committed to ensuring the continued participation of women in the workforce. Arrow
Smriti Sekhsaria, Tata Starbucks Smriti Sekhsaria

'A sense of purpose is important'

As part of the first leadership team of Tata Starbucks, Smriti Sekhsaria was helping run the engine as it built. She's taken on a string of diverse roles at the organisation over the years; today, as head of growth and partnerships, she builds new digital partnerships and avenues of revenue growth for the company. Arrow

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