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The story of the inaugural Tata Global Internships is the story of how the program rapidly responded to an unexpected crisis which took the world by storm – that of an internship program whilst in a global pandemic.

The Story

Early in March, preparations were being made by the program managers and several Tata companies to welcome sixteen students of the first cohort of the Tata Global Internships. The candidates were from The Sloan School of Business, MIT, Stephen M Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and who, in turn, were preparing themselves for a two-month stint in India.

However, the global Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns and travel restrictions around the world posed several practical constraints. While there was never a question of reversing the commitment to stakeholders, there were practical questions on the successful execution of it. With the customary resilience and commitment that has been the hallmark of the Tata group, the internship swiftly morphed into a fully remote program with little disruption and added further value to it.

How We Did It

These are the key steps that the Tata Global Internship Program took to ensure that all commitments made to stakeholders were kept, and delivered on value, learning – and add a little bit of fun.

  • All offers made this year were fulfilled without exception
  • Project deliverables and scope were tweaked to ensure smooth functioning and completion over remote
  • Expectations were defined with additional clarity; regular touch-ins, weekly calls, mid-point reporting and end-of-project dates were adhered to
  • Virtual inductions and student communities were created entirely online
  • Webinars were organized with senior leadership of the Tata group including the Chairman
  • Candidates were provided access to Tata group personal development webinars, assigned project mentors and buddies – all entirely online. Candidates also had access to structured virtual learning programs and mentorship of leaders from all over the Tata group

What The Candidates Said

Watch the video below.


Use of Technology

The TCS iON platform by Tata Consultancy Services was used extensively to on-board the candidates. The platform included end-to-end student life cycle, including selection, assessments – including asynchronous video interviews, any project specific information that students may need, performance review and more.

The candidates also have a virtual student and an alumni community on this platform.

The Fun Element

Given the sordid Convid-19 related news that was unfolding all over the world, the program took a serious effort at ensuring a casual and fun environment from time to time. These included a ‘Virtual Happy Hours’ hosted by the Tata Global Internship program managers. The candidates will also receive a ‘Care package’ which comprising of thoughtful goodies which are connected to India and the Tata group.

Take a look at some of our first cohort of interns below:

Intern Profiles

Armando I Flores

Armando is an MPA candidate in International Development at MIT Sloan. He previously was at Bain & Co where he worked on high impact projects with various financial institutions and national governments in Latin America. His Tata Global Internships Project is Digital Transformation at Tata Capital.

Carla Cafici

Carla Cafici is an MBA candidate at MIT Sloan where she was awarded the Dean’s Fellowship for MBA. Before her MBA, she was Senior Operations Manager, Restorando (acquired by TripAdvisor). Amongst the many accomplishments to her name, like helping a start-up raise $30 Mn from VCs, she is also a trained aerial acrobat. Her Tata Global Internships Project was Digital Transformation at Tata Capital.

Jane Xie

Jane Xie is pursuing an MBA at the Ross School and an MS at the Erb Institute at the University of Michigan. She is a recipient of Forté Fellowship and Erb Institute Merit Scholarship. Prior to her MBA, Jane was a Strategic Initiatives Programs Manager at Accenture. Her project was commercial evaluation of sustainable farming (hydroponics and aeroponics) at Tata Chemicals.

Troy Mertins

Troy Mertins is pursuing an MBA from the Ross School, University of Michigan. He holds a BBA and is a certified professional in private equity and finance. He was previously a Private Equity Associate, Stone Arch Capital, and senior associate, M&A, with the United Health Group. His project was commercial evaluation of sustainable farming (hydroponics & aeroponics) at Tata Chemicals

Jen Nwuli

Jen Nwuli is pursuing an MBA from the Ross School, University of Michigan. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Texas, Austin. Prior to this, she was a Technology Consultant with Deloitte where she helped solve the most critical technological challenges of clients. Her project was business model and future operations of Jiva Spa & Niu Nau for Indian Hotels

Patricio Zirion Rivera

Jen Nwuli is pursuing an MBA from the Ross School, University of Michigan. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Anahuac. He previously worked as Regional Brand Manager, Uber and Hair Care Finance Business Partner, Unilever. Her project was business model and future operations of Jiva Spa & Niu Nau for Indian Hotels

Daniel Duma

Daniel Duma is reading for an MBA at the Judge Business School, Cambridge. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Bucharest University of Economic studies and an MSc in Public Policy & Human Development. He has been the Head of Institutional Affairs, Enel Group, Bucharest. His project was in Universal Access to Energy, Microgrids & Microenterprise and Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles at Tata Power.

Lava Agarwal

Lava Agarwal is reading for his MBA at Judge Business School, Cambridge. He holds a BTech and MTech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur. Prior to his MBA he was a Senior Process Engineer and Growth Advisor, Nigeria LNG, a JV of Shell. His project was Universal Access to Energy - Microgrids & Microenterprise and supporting the infrastructure for Electric Vehicles usage for Tata Power.

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