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Tata Global Internships aims to bring students from across the world together to work across several Tata group companies on stellar projects and gain invaluable work experience in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

The Three-Stage Process

We recruit with the philosophy to not to ‘eliminate’ but instead, maintain a focus on ‘accepting’ a range of students with diverse strengths onto the program. 

The three stages are:

1. An Introduction to You

We want to know all about you. Your passions, your peeves, your pivotal moments. Fill out a brief application form and apply with a resume and a personal statement. Apply here.

2. Asynchronous video interview

The candidates that make it to the next round will be invited to an asynchronous video interview that you can do in your own time, record, and upload.  

3. Interviews

The last round will be video interviews with key business leaders from the group. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the internship program, the business priorities of the Tata group and the specific project that you will work on. 

Before You Apply

  • Plan your timeline: Keep up to date with all the deadlines for applications, requirements, information, and processes.
  • Choose your path: Read about past projects and find out more about the different Tata divisions to understand what relates to your skills and interests. You can view sample projects here, and learn more about the group by exploring this website. The business overview is a good place to start.
  • Connect with us: For any queries write to us at  or for updates follow us on LinkedIn @Tata Global Internships
  • Apply: Reflect on your skills and interests when applying. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that’s part of your academic curriculum, but it helps if you are passionate about your choice and have enough skills to accomplish internship project goals.
  • Submit your application after carefully checking your Application Checklist. You can contact us at for any questions on this process.


The Program

Tata Global Internships

Tata Global Internships

A unique, immersive, and challenging internship program for global students. Explore now.
Example Projects - Tata Global Internship Program

Example Projects - Tata Global Internship Program

Some examples of projects you can expect to do at the Tata Global Internship Program

Inaugural Cohort and Profiles of Interns

The first cohort of the Tata Global Internships have completed their internships.
FAQs - Tata Global Internships

FAQs - Tata Global Internships

The where, what and how of Tata Global Internships in a Q&A format