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Sample Projects

Tata Global Internships has a range of projects in several business verticals and across multiple disciplines. What's common across each project is the fact that you will work alongside seasoned business leaders, subject matter experts and experienced professionals.

Take a look below at some sample projects done by our past interns.

Project Industry Description
Supply Chain Steel Develop a digital supply chain model to streamline procurement and sourcing across the value chain for a large manufacturing unit
Performance management Steel Design an insightful roadmap and system for perfomance management for middle management and below to drive cultural transformation across the organization
Human Resource Steel Create a strategy to embed the focus of good health across the organisation and detail an appropriate plan to drive this movement
Strategy Telecom & Media Analyse and define the future of the entertainment and OTT customer experience and set industry standards. Identify best global practices and look at an implementation strategy
Marketing and data analytics Telecom & Media Leverage data analytics and create a model for the business to strengthen the current revenue streams and tap into new channels to increase customer engagement and new markets
Data analytics Consumer & Retail Generate innovative models using data for an e-commerce retail business to personalise the experience for consumers and set itself apart as a differentiator to competiton.
Cyber security and the retail experience Consumer & Retail Create a robust fraud detection system which addresses potential payment fraud in real time and lead to a seamless and happy customer experience - addressing speed, scale and efficiency
Private Equity Finacial Services Assess the innovation driven MedTech industry to identify attractive investment opportunities in the sector
Digital transformation and Human Resources Infrastructure Build a digital workplace for the post Covid world, via a comprehensive technology platform to enable employees to ensure high levels of engagement and performance
Go-to market strategy Consumer & Retail Build the go-to market strategy to launch a luxury Indian jewellery brand across the high potential North America market
Data analytics and Consumer Behavior Consumer & Retail Build a digital strategy to increase the market and revenue for a jewellery business across North America while focusing on customer behaviour and market trends
Cyber Security and Program Development Telecom & Media Build a migration plan for SASE architecture which adapts to the distributed nature of users and data by also offering reduced complexity and cost, improved performance, increased accessibility and enhanced security
Cyber Security and Program Development Telecom & Media Develop a model by applying deep learning techniques to detect botnet acivities and attack patterns to control various cyber security issues like DDoS attachs, click fraud campaigns, sending spam and more.
Cloud Computing & Micro Services Architecture Telecom & Media Devise a mechanism to instrument, generate, collect and export telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) for analysis in order to understand the software's performance and behaviour
Strategy Information Technology Build a go- to market strategy for expanding an online learning and assessment management tool in international markets across the globe, which would provide education to the underpinned by innovation, next-gen capabilities and experiences in the new digital learning world.
Strategy Information Technology Create a strategy for a global supply chain model of education appliances by identifying an alternate market than currently available and recommend supply chain partners for manufacturing, certification & complaince of electronic goods, distribution, logistics & global support

The Program

Tata Global Internships

Tata Global Internships

A unique, immersive, and challenging internship program for global students. Explore now.
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FAQs - Tata Global Internships

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Application Process - Tata Global Internships

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