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Sample Projects

Tata Global Internships has a range of projects in several business verticals and across multiple disciplines. What's common across each project is the fact that you will work alongside seasoned business leaders, subject matter experts and experienced professionals.

Take a look at some sample projects below.

Project Industry Description
Digital Marketing Travel and Hospitality Devise an end-to-end digital marketing strategy for a Tata brand in the hospitality industry, right from delivering the brand experience online, traffic generation, and online sales. A post-acquisition customer engagement strategy will also be a part of the project.
Digital Brand Consumer and Retail Counterpart with the company brand team as a digital expert and assist in implementing a digital campaign that includes social media influencers, email campaign management and content marketing. You will be the digital go-to person for a massive rebranding exercise.
Solid Waste Management Infrastructure Prepare a comprehensive solution that includes operations, technology enablement and a model to estimate CAPEX requirement towards vehicle mix to handle solid waste management. Your project will include vendor evaluation and onboarding, and recommendations on core team structure and capability.
Financial Restructuring and M&A Group Analyze and deliver a plan on possible restructuring / merger of various entities to simplify group structure and other related benefits. There would be a potential requirement of changing the nature and responsibilities of various positions.
Market Research Auto Develop and present a comprehensive research report on the electric mobility for both Electric 2W and Electric CV segments; the key deliverables include a market overview, global insights, market attractiveness, ecosystem elements and value propositions on offer.
Employee Value Proposition Consumer and Retail Identifying and articulating the unique value proposition that a Tata company in the consumer vertical has, as an employer, on the back of its well-defined organisation culture and talent management philosophy,
Consumer Engagement Consumer and Retail Work with a team to create a comprehensive customer engagement strategy for a brand to increase conversion by creating content, analysing consumer behaviour and looking at ways to increase consumer value addition to increase monetisation
Actuarial Financial Services Create a predictive model for inconsistencies for various product lines. The model may be based on identifying key parameters that drive persistent behaviour. The model will help predict lapses for various lines of business with some degree of confidence to enable them to make tactical decisions.
Business Analytics Financial Services Create advanced analytical tools to ascertain and measure channel partner efficiencies. Design and assess current contests, as well as recommend changes in contest design using analytics for a given product launch
Product Development Consumer and Retail Create an expansion roadmap for a product which has been successfully piloted; by taking key learnings from the test marketing phase, set success benchmarks and improvement areas for broader execution in defined geographies and demographics. Also create a distribution roadmap, work with agencies for above the line and below the line marketing plans.

The Program

Tata Global Internship Program

Tata Global Internship Program

A unique, immersive and challenging internship program for global students. Explore now.
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