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These are challenging times for the world, but an exciting one for a young intern to be a part of Tata flagship companies, that are reimagining themselves to not just help the planet, but stay ahead of the curve.

Chart your own path

We've designed the internship to give you opportunities to take part in plotting the future of our companies. Not to mention your own career. But we know great ideas don’t happen in isolation. You will have plenty of support, mentorship, advice and communication with your team and leaders from the Tata group on your journey.

During the duration of your internship, you own your projects from start to finish, most of which will wrap up towards the end of your internship. At that time, your company teams provide you feedback on your overall performance, deliverables, and skills as they relate to the role, project expectations, and goals. There’s no pressure, but it’s always nice to excel.

Up for a challenge?

Our interns work on a variety of live projects that accelerate their career growth and push themselves out of their comfort zones. They have been involved in projects like re-engineering the branded customer experience for Tata Motors globally, creating a business plan for a members-only club at Taj hotels, understanding Tata Global Beverage's climate strategy and recommending improvements. The diversity of roles you can pick from across our flagship companies is quite enromous – Data Analytics, Sustainability, Biotech Engineering, Brand Communications and Marketing, Finance, Strategy Consulting and lots more.

An eventful journey

Distance won’t come in the way of you getting the most out of this internship. You may be working from home, but there’s still plenty of excitement and fun to be had.

Watch the film for a closer look.

Get mentored

Stuck on a project? Not sure what skill you need to add to land your dream role? Well, that’s what Mentor Circle’s for. You get to chat with a mentor of your choice from across the group, and get some really good advice.

Bond and network

Take part in fun online games and quirky bonding activities, like Person Roulette, where you get paired every week with a fellow intern, randomly. At the end of the programme you’re bound to have made some really good connections.

Groove to Indian culture

So you can’t travel to India, but why should that stop us from bringing India to you? Get a taste of this fascinating culture with fun sessions like Bollywood dancing (we are guessing you know what that is), yoga, and more.

Work the Tata way

People before profits, is in our unique corporate gene. And if the pandemic has made you feel more socially responsible, you’ll find there’s nothing more satisfying than working here, where everything we do is designed to impact society as a whole.

Gain unique experience

India is one of the fastest growing economies. It comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges. So when you work on solving problems for a billion people, which impacts the global economy, it will be an experience you won’t forget.

Who can apply?

The Tata Global Internships are for students outside India who are currently pursuing a college or university degree at any level of study - in any discipline, and any stage of the course. Students should have an excellent record of learning agility and an interest in exploring a new part of themselves. The internship is for students of all nationalities.

Next steps

Ready to take the plunge? Head over to the applications page

If you still have some questions, get them all answered in the FAQs section below, or send us a mail on You can also connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated with the latest news on the program.

The Program

Application Process - Tata Global Internships

Application Process - Tata Global Internships

An overview of the three-stage application process for entry to the internship
Example Projects - Tata Global Internship Program

Example Projects - Tata Global Internship Program

Some examples of projects you can expect to do at the Tata Global Internship Program

FAQs - Tata Global Internships

The where, what and how of Tata Global Internships in a Q&A format
Inaugural Cohort and Profiles of Interns
Intern profiles

Inaugural Cohort and Profiles of Interns

The first cohort of the Tata Global Internships have completed their internships.