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There are internships. And, then there are the Tata Global Internships. Cut your teeth on critical business problems while experiencing diversity, enterprise, history and community outreach. 

About The Program

The Tata Global Internships is a eight-week long program designed to give you an intensive flavour of the day-to-day activities in our businesses, as well as gain a strategic view across industries. It is curated to fully immerse you in exciting projects within flagship Tata companies in India.

The program begins with a group-wide orientation along with an overview of India. You will also receive company-specific training designed to help you succeed in your internship.

Tata Global Internships places a great emphasis on experiencing myriad aspects: it includes solving real-world problems – in groups and individually, excellent mentorship, intimate interactions with leadership across the group, curated cultural immersions and a strong emphasis on the Tata ethos.

These eight weeks will be filled with new experiences and cultural immersions, giving you a formidable network - and memories - for life.

A Unique Opportunity

Tata Global Internships gives you a unique opportunity to experience India, a key emerging economy. Here, you will work across top companies within the Tata group, in diverse business verticals and across projects ranging from sustainability to finance, marketing to biotech engineering, design to supply chain and much more. 

Who Can Apply?

The Tata Global Internships are for students outside India who are currently pursuing a college or university degree at any level of study - in any discipline, and any stage of the course. Students should have an excellent record of learning agility and an interest in exploring a new part of themselves. The internship is for students of all nationalities.

Why Should You Apply for this?

Among other reasons, the top reasons to do the internship are:

  • Build critical business skills whilst working on real projects with the top business group in India
  • Gain valuable experience in an integral emerging economy - India
  • Experience unique business and cultural immersions
  • Develop formidable networks across Tata group companies and become a Tata Global Internships ‘fellow’ for life 

Apply to the program here or explore the application process on the links below.


The Program

Application Process - Tata Global Internships

Application Process - Tata Global Internships

An overview of the four-stage application process for entry to the internship
Example Projects - Tata Global Internship Program

Example Projects - Tata Global Internship Program

Some examples of projects you can expect to do at the Tata Global Internship Program
About Us

We are the Tata group

The Tata group: a visionary, a pioneer, a leader, since 1868.
FAQs - Tata Global Internships

FAQs - Tata Global Internships

The where, what and how of Tata Global Internships in a Q&A format