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Titan Reflex Wav

The World's Slimmest Smartwatch

We test what sets Fastrack's Reflex Wav apart in a crowded smartwatch market

March 2019     |     749 words     |     3-minute read

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What can other smartwatches do that the Fastrack Reflex Wav can’t? The answer is nothing. If anything, it can do a whole lot more. This power-packed, feature-loaded smartwatch will make managing your meetings, workouts, calls, emails — basically your whole life — a breeze.


The Fastrack Reflex Wav makes a clean first impression. It comes with a charging cable and a small user manual, doing away with any extra frills and giving you just what you need.

Look And Feel

With a width of just 9mm and without compromising on any features, the Reflex Wav is the world’s slimmest band. It is, therefore, elegant even if you, like me, have a small wrist.

Its rubber strap feels comfortable and doesn’t stick to your skin even when one is sweating it out (shout-out to Mumbai’s humidity!).

The OLED screen, which is the smartwatch’s main interface, allows you to swipe between screens easily. Add to this the gesture control and what you have is a smartwatch that stands out.


Imagine you’re out on a run, picking up the tempo as you go along, the wind in your hair and the perfect track playing through your headphones. Everything is going great but suddenly a pesky tele-caller decides to call you, threatening to break your rhythm and peace. What do you do? Certainly not take your phone out of your waist-pouch to deal with the intrusion. With the Fastrack Reflex Wav all you have to do is twist your wrist to mute an incoming call and go back to doing what you love, whether that’s running or something else. You can also switch music or click a post-run selfie with just one flick of wrist. Easy peasy.

With how busy everybody’s lives are, the last thing you need is a gadget that dies when you need it the most. The Fastrack Reflex Wav takes care of this with a battery life that lasts at least five days even with all the tracking and syncing it does. And when you do plug it in to charge, it’ll be ready to go in less than an hour.

The smartwatch’s default screen shows the time, number of steps and the current weather. Swipe right and you can see total number of steps as well as calories burned (important for all the fitness junkies) and the number of kilometres covered. You can swipe to toggle between screens like meetings and tasks from your Google calendar, second-city time, day and date, the song being played and camera control. Another swipe brings you to the battery life and advance settings with which you can find your phone (a handy feature for all the times you’ve panicked thinking you’ve left your phone behind someplace) and log sleep.

The Reflex Wav tracks sleep by default but if you’re one of those who needs to track sleep from the second your head hits the pillow, you can always log your sleep by going to the advanced settings. When you wake up, the app will have information on how many hours you slept in total as well as information on how many of those hours were spent sleeping lightly, deeply or lying awake. Based on the information you can then decide if you really need that afternoon power nap.

Being one of those who works out outdoors almost every day, I was worried the smartwatch would be dirty in no time. But it lived up to its dust proof tag and even after three weeks of workouts in parks and on roads, it looks as good as new.

Bottom Line

The Fastrack Reflex Wav is not only perfect for those who lead an active life but also for those who don’t because of all its additional features. If anything, it might even help sedentary people get a move on with its notifications that remind you to move when you’ve been sitting for too long. At a price of Rs. 4,995 (a fraction of what other smartwatches cost) it wins on many counts.

If I had to point out a downside, it would be its pairing capability — a minor problem, all things considered. Fastrack should also look at providing a heart rate monitor in its next iteration, along with more size and colour options for the band. Nonetheless, for the price, battery life, form factor and its unique gesture control feature, Fastrack Reflex Wav is a leading smart band in its category.

Author Bhavika Thakkar is a part-time writer and an avid fitness enthusiast.

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