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Partnering with governments at various levels, Tata companies bring a new dimension to citizen services: user-centric, elegantly efficient and world-class. From transportation to passports, utilities and managing cities. Because citizens deserve the best.

Dial T(CS) For Passport

Dial T(CS) For Passport

TCS's game-changing initiatives have made the once tedious passport issuance process a breeze. Arrow

One Hundred Years of Jamshedpur

Part one of a three-part series that documents Jamshedpur's multifaceted journey of growth through the eyes of its citizens and institutions. Arrow
The Giants That Rumble Beneath Mumbai

The Giants That Rumble Beneath Mumbai

For a city that is projected to be home to 34 million inhabitants by 2031, commuting has never been so difficult. The Mumbai Metro Rail project offers hope of respite. Arrow

Bridging The Two ITs

The average tax paying citizen has at least one thing in common with Albert Einstein. Apparently, the great physicist once told his tax accountant, “The hardest thing to understand in this world is income taxes.” TCS is changing this perception. Arrow
The Game Changer

The Game Changer

TCS iON has revolutionised hiring and shot far ahead of the pack. And it all began with a book and a run. Arrow

Making Numbers Count

An open-data platform is providing Pune’s citizens with improved access to civic services and offering solutions to resolve urban challenges. Arrow