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Titan Quartet

Wear Your Music

Titan Quartet – A collection that connects your every second to music

April 2023     |     981 words     |     4-minute read

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I have always dreamt of playing the guitar. Like many of us, I could never get around to it, being content to listening to the musical greats and dreaming that I would one day make time to learn the instrument and strum a tune or two.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to review Titan Watches' new music-inspired collection, the Titan Quartet, I took it on, hoping that the watches inspired by musical instruments might be the motivation I needed. With this hope, I visited the Titan Watches flagship showroom.

The collection

If you eat, drink, sleep and think music, the Titan Quartet collection ensures you can wear it too. The four striking models in the collection have been crafted to emulate a perfect symphony. Drawing inspiration from the string, percussion, and brass instruments, the collection promises to bring a melodic touch to your watch collection.

Signature music elements — like the Treble Clef impression on the crown and the seconds hand or the Semi Quaver note design in the hour and minute hands — define the watch designs.

Fact file

  • Price Range: Rs 8,995 to Rs 31,495
  • Where to buy: Authorised Titan outlets across India and on

A cleverly hidden element that connects the watch, the wearer, music and the quintessential Titan brand tune — an adaptation of Mozart's 25th Symphony — is engraved on the case back of three watches in the collection. The symphony has been synonymous with Titan Watches ever since the company released its first television ad in the 1990s. The collection also introduces a new plating colour 'anthracite brown' along with a full ceramic watch and comes with a choice of leather and metal straps.

The showstopper

The showstopper of the collection is undoubtedly the watch with a dial inspired by string instruments. The watch is big, bold, dressy, and truly musical. Besides the common elements of the collection, the dial features six vertical lines that resemble strings on a guitar sound hole. The ceramic bezel and dial are in a dark brown shade, while the stainless-steel solid link bracelet is dressed in anthracite brown plating, giving the watch an intense, yet trendy look. The domed glass crystal makes the watch look bolder and bigger, and contributes to the 5 ATM water resistance.

The see-through back case allows you to see the precision parts moving to a symphony and one can't help but feel awed by the perfect balance of art, music and engineering that has gone into putting this watch together. The watch is powered by an automatic movement, developed in-house, promising more quality for your money, better technology, and 36 hours of power reserve. Housed in a 43.6mm case with 13.15mm thickness, the watch is wearable on all wrists. So, if you are a guitar lover and are looking for a watch that reflects your passion, this one is for you.

The 'Gran Cassa' watch

If drumming gives you an adrenaline rush, Titan has something for you too. The Titan Quartet watch takes design cues from the Gran Cassa and is a complete head turner. The watch houses a combination of day, date and a 24-hour hand in sub-dials shaped like drums and drumsticks when viewed from top. It comes in two variations, black ceramic and grey stainless steel. As soon as I tried the black ceramic watch on, a beat started playing in my head and my fingers started tapping on the counter. The Titan showroom salesman, though, had seen it all before. That's the reflex reaction the watch induces in all its wearers!

Inspired by the grand piano

There is something mesmerising about the grand piano. It's grand, of course, and owns the room. And so does the Titan Quartet whose display and sub dials are styled like the keys of the grand piano. The 12-hour marker is also inspired from an overhead view of a grand piano. This multifunctional quartz watch sports disc hands for day and date, and a separate offset seconds hand. If you like elegance with a bit of flash, pick the quartet grey dial with an anthracite brown plated stainless-steel bracelet. The simple elegance of the silver and black dials with smart leather straps will appeal to classy minimalists who enjoy the calmness of a piano melody.

Trumpet that tells time

If you are an aficionado of high notes with a taste for classical and jazz ensembles, you will have a thing for the trumpet. The dial of this watch flaunts the bell of your favourite horn on its design. With a 43mm case, it comes with the option of grey, brown, silver, and black dials.

The 12-hour marker in the shape of the trumpet makes the design language stronger. The hours hand in the shape of a disc and an offset seconds hand adds to its uniqueness. You get to honour your favourite brass instrument and wear a timepiece armed with modern design, features and technology. Blow your trumpet, quite literally.

A symphony

Priced between Rs 8,995 to Rs 31,495, the Titan Quartet collection is as much a creative music ensemble as it is a modern, robust, reliable and well-finished set of watches. The design language has little details for that extra bit of personality. This collection is a perfect choice for music lovers to pay tribute to the instrument of their choice and at the same time keep time in style. I hope that the company introduces a women's range soon.

The Titan Quartet collection stayed with me long after I left the store, like a note that lingers in your mind. And every time I strum my guitar in the music class I have finally enrolled in, I remember these watches and whisper a silent ovation to its makers, who, like an orchestra, have produced exquisite music that you can wear.

It makes sense, doesn't it? Beautiful music, after all, is about keeping perfect time.

—Arushi Agrawal

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