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Titan Company is one of India’s prominent lifestyle companies. It is a leading player in the  Jewellery, Watches and Eyewear categories with several successful brands. It is the fifth largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer in the world.

The company’s Tanishq brand of jewellery is today one of the most trusted and respected lifestlye brands in India. Titan also operates its eyewear business through its Titan eyeplus stores.

Titan's other popular brands include Fastrack, Sonata and Raaga. It recently entered the perfume business with Skinn and launched Taneira, a destination for fine silk sarees.

Business Highlights FY18

  • In Jewellery, formalisation of the economy helped internal efforts to grow the business through gains in market share
  • Various cost reduction exercises were successful and helped Titan achieve multi-year high margins
  • Watches, the second-biggest segment, successfully re-crafted its strategy and grew in double digits

Financial Highlights FY18

No. Label 2017-18 (Rs crore)
1 Revenue 16,209
2 EBITDA 1,645
3 EBIT 1,513
4 PAT 1,103

Live Stock Data

No Label Feed
1 BSE Price ( )
2 NSE Price ( )

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