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The faster the pace of adaption of digital, the wider the digital gap. Tata Trusts and several Tata group companies are working to address this. Initiatives include functional digital literacy, financial literacy, STEM education, and skill building. 

Internet Saathi: Digital Goes Rustic

Digital Goes Rustic

With more than 25 million beneficiaries in 248,700 villages, Tata Trusts and Google's internet saathi project has been a voyage of discovery for rural women learning about the worldwide web Arrow

Skilling Gen Z Beyond Classrooms

How TCS iON is preparing the 'gems of tomorrow' as 'nation builders of the future' by equipping students with skills beyond just academics Arrow
Tata Capital Dhangyan: Enabling Financial Literacy

Enabling Financial Literacy

DhanGyan is a comprehensive financial literacy course run by Tata Capital and the Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CERE) Arrow

Skilling for Success

Tata STRIVE is skilling youth from underprivileged backgrounds through innovations in technology, pedagogy, and methodology. Arrow
TCS Mentors Inspire Kids to Study STEM

TCS Mentors Inspire Kids to Study STEM

The TCS goIT program aims to demystify computer science and help students gain the skills and confidence required to pursue STEM degrees—and become tomorrow’s technology leaders Arrow