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Opportunities To Contribute

Participate in efforts to combat Covid-19 by supporting any of the initiatives by Tata group companies and affiliated entities listed below

Updated 20 May 2020

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Contribute to ongoing Covid-19 relief efforts. Here is a curated list of Tata group and affiliated entities that you could contribute monetarily to, pledge support, or donate time and effort, insitutionally or as individuals.

Join The Movement: Tata Trusts "One Against Covid"

Tata Trusts invites like-minded entities (corporates, foundations, trusts and others) to join the movement to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by augmenting the healthcare efforts of the government and supporting the most vulnerable segments of society.

Sensing the urgent need of building maximum resilience amongst the health workers and government health infrastructure, collaboration in the following areas are invited:

  • Personal protective equipment — procurement and distribution
  • Covid-19 infrastructure – setting up isolation wards and comprehensive care units

To explore contribution opportunities, please write to Tata Trusts at

Face masks donation and Procurement via Okhai

Okhai, set up and supported by Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD), offers handcrafted apparel and lifestyle products created by rural artisans from across India. These artisans are gifted with the talent and traditional skills to craft exquisite designs in styles that are unique to their culture and heritage.

Okhai Self-help Groups (SHGs) are manufacturing face masks from their homes and units. We encourage you to:

Taj Public Service Welfare Trust

The Taj Public Service Welfare Trust provides relief and support to victims of natural or man-made disasters. Since its inception in 2008, the Trust has worked on a range of relief and rehabilitation initiatives across the country.

Indian Hotels, through the Taj Public Service Welfare Trust (TPSWT) has been and is responding to Covid-19 relief across India by providing nutritious meals to doctors and medical staff at hospitals and selective distribution of food for the needy.

Antaran: Transforming Crafts, an initiative by Tata Trusts

Due to unprecedent disruption in business created by the Covid-19 outbreak, artisans are in deep trouble. Antaran seeks support in mitigating the hardship by inviting you to purchase handwoven products directly from the artisans at wholesale prices. 

Pledge by Jaagore, an initiative by Tata Tea

The elderly are more vulnerable to Covid-19 due to their decreased immunity. This campaign by Tata Tea urges you to do everything to support the elderly: "Let's be there for them without being around them."

#OruTeaSollunga, an initiative by Tata Tea Chakra Gold

With a small donation worth just one cup of tea, you can make a big difference in the life of a hot tea shop vendor. Be a part of our initiative to help them. The donation is powered by Bharatpe.

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