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UAVs For The Nation

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by Tata Aerospace & Defence in the service of the nation - be it military missions, rescue operations, or disaster relief.

June 2021     |     414 words     |     1-minute read

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RPAs and UAVs are now a default on the modern battlefield to undertake Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions and armed RPAs are now increasingly common.

Many UAV systems are already in use or undergoing trials with the armed and paramilitary forces and state police forces. Keeping in mind the importance of such platforms for India's security, Tata Aerospace and Defence offers cutting-edge solutions that will meet key emerging RPA/UAV requirements from defence and security forces

From indigenous design and development of major sub-systems like RPA/UAV airframes and autopilots to creating inhouse Ground Control Station software and integration of complex payloads, we offer integrated RPA/UAV solutions for various emerging needs. UAVs also have tremendous potential in civil and commercial applications.


The fully autonomous man-portable, field-deployable small UAVs deliver unprecedented situational awareness to combat soldiers. They have a range of 15km and approximately two hours of endurance and with an All-Up Weight (AUW) of under 10kg, can be easily carried by the dismounted soldier.

Day and night surveillance, target tracking, and relay functionality are some of the features available. Indigenously designed Auto Pilot and Mission control software allow customer-specific payload integration and customised user interfaces for ease of handling under high-pressure situations.

Three such platforms are on offer:

Fixed Wing UAV: AUW of upto 10 kgs, range of 10-15 km, endurance of two hours or more, fully autonomous, can be hand launched for take-off and equipped with a belly-landing system.

Vertical Take-Off and Landing UAV: AUW of approx. 12 kgs, range of 10-15 km, an endurance of 45 to 60 minutes, vertical take-off, followed by autonomous conversion to a fixed-wing mode for mission accomplishment. Autonomous vertical descent and landing at a designated spot. Capable of carrying day and night camera payloads, as well as any other specific payload required by users. These platforms enable operations from difficult and restrictive terrains such as hilltops, ship decks, and small clearings in jungles.

Tactical UAVs: AUW of approx. 20kg, range of 50-100 kms, an endurance of five to six hours. The Tactical UAV has key indigenous capabilities that are integrated in this system which includes advanced Gimbal with dual sensors (Day and IR) with target tracking, long-range radio, and a Ground Control System with 3D map display. This UAV plays a vital role in enabling increased situational awareness during tactical missions, effectively bridging the gap between small UAVs having lesser range and endurance and large UAVs which are primarily meant for strategic ISR roles.

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