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Tata SCIP: An Overview

Learn more about how SCIP works, the philosophy, the formats and apply

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Tata SCIP stands for ‘Second Careers, Inspiring Possibilities’. A platform designed to bring women back to work after their career break. A pioneering initiative launched in 2008 by the Tata group, it resonates with talented women of today who are looking for workplaces of the future. 

At Tata SCIP, we place your ambition, talent, and commitment to restart above your career break. And extend meaningful opportunities that are fitting with experience and skills. We offer 

  • Consulting assignments on contractual basis for a specified duration. The duration will vary based on specific business requirements. It could be between 6 months to a year. Such assignments may also be extended depending on the business need and if mutually agreeable. 
  • Full-time roles where you are a full-time employee with respective company.

We extend our mentorship and capability building as well as access to our enabling policies and processes.

So if you’re ready to restart your career, you’re at the perfect place.


Eligibility Criteria

Here’s how we define a career break: 

  • A break is defined as a break from a full-time role as a company employee. However, you could be pursuing freelance assignments or projects currently. 
  • If you are currently engaged on a project or pursuing your entrepreneurial venture but have more than 50% of your capacity to spare, you are eligible for apply to Tata SCIP 

There is no upper or lower limit on the years of experience or duration of the break.  As long as you meet the above eligibility criteria you are eligible to apply to Tata SCIP opportunities. 

Application Process

Applying is a simple three- step process. 

Step 1: Register

This is where we get to know all about you. So, please fill in the registration form and carefully enter all the details required for a complete profile creation. An accurate and completely filled form always has a better chance of being shortlisted. 

Step 2: Apply for roles

Once you have registered, you can log in on Tata SCIP  and start exploring all the assignments, and full-time roles. Please ensure your latest resume is uploaded and your profile is 100 % filled under ‘My Profile’ before proceeding to apply for the desired role(s). If you are shortlisted, the team will reach out to you to schedule an interaction 

Step 3: Keep checking 

If you’ve made your profile already and haven’t found a role that fits your profile yet- don’t worry. Remember to keep visiting this page to view the jobs and projects as new opportunities keep getting added to this page. That’s because Tata Companies keep posting their requirements on the portal regularly 

And, now that you know all about Tata SCIP, we’d love to know more about you. Apply today.

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Tata SCIP is designed to bring women back to work after a career break
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