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Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE) is India’s Leading Integrated Engineering Consultant providing Concept to Commissioning services.

With 10,000+ projects delivered in more than 55 countries, the company has a double-digit five-year CAGR. TCE is amongst top two consultants in its core sectors - Power, Infra and Resources is a well-diversified firm with equal distribution between domestic and international projects. TCE continues to be a part of India's strategic projects across Infra, transportation, nuclear, power, defence, space and urbanisation.

Sectors served

  • Power
    Thermal, Nuclear, Renewable, Captive, Energy Storage, Transmission & Distribution
  • Infrastructure:
    Water, Sewage, Sustainable Infrastructure, Urban Development, Buildings, Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities, Ports & Transportation
  • Resources - Hydrocarbons & Chemicals:
    Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals & Refineries, Food & Pharma, Specialty Chemicals
  • Resources - Metals & Mining:
    Ferrous & Non-Ferrous, Geology & Mining, Beneficiation, Material Handling

Services offered:

  • Design & Engineering
    Project Concept Development, Pre-feasibility & Feasibility Reports, Detailed Project Reports, Environmental Study Reports, System Studies, Frontend Engineering Design (FEED), OE Services, Detailed Engineering
  • Project Management & Safety
    Project Management, Engineering Review, Construction Management / Supervision, Program Management, Interface Management, Specialised Services, Quality & Safety Audits, Outage Management
  • Digital & Advanced Technology
    3D Modelling & 4D Simulation, Asset Digitisation, Engineering IT Services, BIM & IIoT, New Machine Development, Machine Localisation, Machine Component Development, Design Validation, FE Analysis, Special Projects
  • Procurement Management
    Procurement Assistance, Quality, Inspection & Equipment management, Vendor Quality Assessment, Vendor Management, Inquiry/Tender Preparation and Award

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