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Tata Technologies is a global product engineering and digital services company focused on fulfilling its mission of helping the world drive, fly, build, and farm by enabling customers to realize better products and deliver better experiences to the consumers of their products.

Tata Technologies is the strategic engineering partner that businesses turn to when they aspire to be better. Manufacturing companies rely on Tata Technologies to enable them to conceptualize, develop and realize better products that are safer, cleaner, and improve the quality of life for all stakeholders, in line with its vision to engineer a better world.

The company provides a full spectrum coverage of solutions across the product value chain that cover outsourced product engineering services, digital transformation services, upskilling solutions and value-added reselling of software products required to develop and realize better products. There are two components to the company’s value proposition; the first one is outsourced product engineering services for manufacturing customers, thereby helping them conceptualize, design, and develop better products, and the second one is helping them identify and deploy technologies and solutions that are used to manufacture, service, and realize better products and upskill the workforce with required competencies.

Tata Technologies has over 12,000 employees serving global customers across the world through its 20 global delivery centers spread across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. The company brings together diverse teams with varying skill sets across geographies with a global mindset to collaborate in real time and solve complex engineering problems. In doing so, it is redefining what the world understands by engineering and spreading the influence and impact of engineering as humanity's best way of addressing its most important challenges and opportunities.

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, with shortening product innovation timelines and rapid technological change, Tata Technologies' uniquely balanced on-shore/offshore global delivery model enables it to provide aligned on-shore customer proximity required to support the iterative nature of product development services, as well as the capacity and cost-effectiveness of offshore sourcing.

The company has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, a testament to the commitment to excellence. In 2023, Tata Technologies was positioned as Leader across Industry verticals by Zinnov as part of Zinnov Zones ER&D services and amongst the Top 2 EV engineering specialists globally. It was also honored with the Best B2B Brand—Gold award from The Economic Times ER Brand Equity, underscoring leadership in b2b engagements. Innovative approaches in the Electric Vehicle simulation (EVSim) category earned it the Nasscom quarterly spotlight award for Ideation to Engineering—EVSim. The company was also awarded a Gold award at the 2023 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards, acknowledging outstanding contributions to human capital management.  

Business Highlights


Tata Technologies' offerings in this sector cover the entire product value chain, encompassing engineering, manufacturing, and customer experience. This includes turnkey electric vehicle solutions, product benchmarking, simulation, embedded systems, AUTOSAR, hardware-in-the-loop validation, and connected/autonomous vehicle solutions. Our digital enterprise solutions facilitate operational digital transformation, including digital twins, threads, manufacturing engineering, and Industry 4.0. Also, next-gen analytics with AI and Generative AI streamline software-defined vehicle development and electrification adoption. From delivering discrete outcomes to end-to-end turnkey product development for Electric Vehicles, we are the partner with the experience and expertise to understand what better looks like – and who can bring better to life.

Success Stories

  •  A Southeast Asian EV company partnered with Tata Technologies to develop new EV vehicles. Tata Technologies, with its turnkey EV development capabilities and eVMP platform, helped accelerate the development timeline. The program was completed in 22 months, from concept to the start of production.
  • A North American EV start-up specializing in SUVs and pickup trucks enlisted Tata Technologies to develop their complete enterprise architecture, which involved integrating applications from PLM to digital commerce platforms, including ERP software.
  • Tata Motors partnered with Tata Technologies to transform some of their ICE vehicles to EVs, involving full design, packaging, and integration of essential EV components. The projects, including the Tata Tigor EV (2021) and Tata Tiago EV (2023), were completed in 18 months, achieving GNCAP 4-star safety ratings and meeting all quality standards. These conversions have solidified TML's position in India’s EV market and underscored Tata Technologies' expertise in the EV domain.


Tata Technologies has been positioned in the "Leadership Zone" by Zinnov Zones for ER&D Services for seven consecutive years as of 2023. Additionally, it leads as the top India-based global Engineering Service Provider in Automotive and ranks amongst the Top 2 globally in electrification. The company was also among the top 3 in the Body Engineering category in the last published Zinnov ratings in 2019


Our end-to-end solutions for product engineering, manufacturing, and customer experience help clients tackle challenges and enhance products. This includes accelerators for equipment development, product benchmarking, validation, design, styling, software development, electrification, connectivity, and autonomy. Utilizing digital tools like digital thread, twin, factory automation, and manufacturing, we cut costs and speed up time to market, advancing clients into Industry 4.0.

Success Stories

  •  A leading Indian construction and earth-moving equipment OEM partnered with Tata Technologies to develop a backhoe loader from concept to launch. The project included market analysis, competitor benchmarking, specification creation, engineering design, virtual validation, cost analysis, prototype testing, and the final launch. The result was a competitive product with enhanced aesthetics, increased productivity, and reduced fuel consumption.
  • A leading construction equipment manufacturer partnered with Tata Technologies to enable the latest manufacturing process planning technology. This involved leveraging software capabilities from one of Tata Technologies' vendors, focusing on Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Quality Management Software (QMS). Tata Technologies defined the pre-migration strategy, studied applications integrated with the PLEX (Legacy PLM, ERP) System, and designed the setup of the tools and business processes.


Aerospace solutions span engineering, manufacturing, and customer services. With a mature global engineering model, we deliver optimized aerospace engineering, continuous support, cabin design, passenger-to-freighter conversion, tooling, and MRO. Utilizing advanced tech for predictive maintenance, tool design, data analytics, factory automation, and simulations, we enhance digital journeys for seamless customer experiences

Success Stories

  • For a leading global aerospace OEM, Tata Technologies executed a critical Proof of Concept (PoC), showcasing capabilities and securing a broader DDMS Execution partnership. Our solution focused on proactive documentation and offline validation of existing work. We delivered over 150 business requirements and use cases, revealing potential solutions and future directions. This work anticipated a 20-25% improvement in business efficiency and cost, backed by an ROI framework for business case definition.
  • Tata Technologies assisted a global aerospace solution provider in freighter conversion, realizing passenger-to-freight conversions to extend the economic life of passenger aircraft. The skilled workforce provided end-to-end support to all major functional areas, ensuring timely resolution of production issues.


  •  Tata Technologies was recognized in the “Leadership Zone” in the Aerospace domain by Zinnov during 2023 ER&D ratings.

Financial Highlights FY24 (Consolidated)

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No. Label 2023-24 (Rs crore)
1 Revenue 5,117
2 EBITDA 941
3 Profit Before Tax 932
4 Profit After Tax 679

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