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Tata Motors is a global automobile manufacturer offering a wide range of commercial, passenger, and EVs. Technological prowess, and engineering par excellence that ensures safety and sustainability, are its priorities. Tata Motors is at the forefront of India's shift towards electric vehicles, while staying ahead of the curve in the fast-evolving Indian automotive market

Tata Motors Limited

Tata Motors Limited (TML) is one of India’s biggest automobile manufacturing companies with an extensive range of integrated, smart and e-mobility solutions in its portfolio. TML's strong presence over years is heralded by its ability to offer quality products by connecting customer aspirations with innovative mobility solutions.

Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Limited (TMPV)

TMPV is wholly owned subsidiary of TML. In FY 2021-22, TML, pursuant to a scheme of arrangement transferred its PV undertaking to TMPV. This move has been done to provide a differentiated focus for the PV business and to realise its full potential

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited (TPEM)

In FY 2021-22, TPEM was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of TML  to undertake the Passenger Electric Mobility business. TPEM secured funding of C7,500 crore from TPG Rise at a valuation of upto $9.1 billion. TPEM shall leverage all existing investments and capabilities of Tata Motors Ltd. and will channelise the future investments into electric vehicles, dedicated BEV platforms, advanced automotive technologies and catalyse investments in charging infrastructure and battery technologies.

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) continues to shape the future of modern luxury vehicles built around its iconic brands: Jaguar and Land Rover. JLR, which became part of Tata Motors Group in 2008, exemplifies quality and sustainability. JLR's Reimagine strategy lays the roadmap for the company's transformation into a sustainable, electric-first modern luxury business. Jaguar Land Rover aspires to become the creator of the world's most desirable, luxury vehicles and services for the most discerning of customers.

Tata Motors Finance

TMFL and Tata Motors Finance Solutions Limited (TMFSL) are TMF Holdings Limited (TMFHL)’s Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) subsidiaries. TMFHL is a Core Investment Company (CIC) and Tata Motors' completely owned subsidiary. TMFL handles new vehicle financing, whereas TMFSL handles dealer/vendor financing and used car refinance/repurchase.

Financial Highlights FY23 (Consolidated)

See Tata Motors investor section for more details.

No. Label 2022-23 (Rs crore)
1 Revenue 345,967
2 Operating Profit 42,492
3 Profit Before Tax 3,058
4 Profit After Tax 2,353

Live Stock Data

No Label Live
1 BSE Price ( )
2 NSE Price ( )

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