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March 2017     |     280 words     |         1-minute read

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The World Wildlife Fund estimates that at least 10,000 species are going extinct every year. That means 27 species will disappear from the planet every day. As human beings encroach on the habitats of all other living things, the animal kingdom is fighting a losing battle. Wildlife faces threats from shrinking habitats, disappearing sources of food and an increasingly fragile ecosystem.  

The Tata group is doing its bit to turn the tide with its wildlife conservation efforts. Several Tata companies have been working to help shelter and save at-risk species. Their efforts in this sphere range from creating secure habitats for animals and running awareness programmes for communities, to supporting breeding programmes and safeguarding natural ecosystems.

One of the most successful conservation programmes, is the 'Save the Whale Shark' campaign by Tata Chemicals in Gujarat. The largest fish on the planet, with a length of up to 60 feet, the majestic whale shark was once slaughtered for its oil and meat. This inhabitant of the Gujarat coastline is now protected by Tata Chemicals' campaign, launched in 2004 in partnership with the Wildlife Trust of India and the Gujarat State Forest Department. The campaign took an emotional route, naming the fish ‘vhali’, or dear one, and likening it to a prodigal daughter returning to her native place. Till date, 585 whale sharks have been rescued and released in into the sea.

Explore more of Tata's conservation efforts above. 

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