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From the time the founder Jamsetji Tata set up dispensaries at his mills to delivering critical relief during the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare has been the center and focus of the group's community initiatives. 

Better Cancer Care

Leading the Fight Against Cancer

JRD Tata helped set up the Tata Memorial Hospital in 1941, fulfiling Sir Dorabji Tata's dream. Ever since the Tatas have been at the forefront of helping patients get better care. Arrow

The Battle Against Covid-19

Tata group companies and Trusts continue to support India in the nation's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Arrow
Ensuring Equitable, Universal Health Services

Ensuring Equitable, Universal Health Services

Tamil Nadu needed to ensure timely availability of critical health data at hospitals. TCS helped develop a scalable, user-centric solution that can handle up to 7 million transactions per day. Arrow

Making Healthcare Efficient

TCS’s Digital Nerve Centre is a unique and innovative care delivery model designed to connect, communicate, coordinate and deliver care by leveraging people, infrastructure, and a robust digital platform. Arrow
Faster, Cheaper. Accessible.

Faster, Cheaper. Accessible.

A portable MRI scanner developed by Tata Trusts can reduce the price of a scan by 60%. Here's how they did it in just 24 months Arrow

A Bridge of Hope Built on Pillars of Technology

TCS is dgitalizing the world’s largest government-funded healthcare program - Ayushman Bharat. Watch the video. Arrow
The Salt That India Trusts

The Salt That India Trusts

The Tata Salt story is so powerful that when it comes to the supermarket aisle, the average Indian consumer won't look beyond Tata. Here's why 35+ years later, Tata Salt is still the desh ka namak Arrow