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The Tata group was born in 1868, when India was under the shadow of colonial rule. At the heart of it was its Founder Jamsetji Tata’s vision — that the complete realisation of political liberation could only come with economic liberation.

In the 150+ years since then, the group’s unique brand of patriotic entrepreneurship has always put the nation and her people first.

As India celebrates 75 years of independence, we explore the incomparable Tata and India journey of how the group bolstered the nation’s fight for freedom and its very soul, steered its industrial revolution, kept nation building at the core of its business and is now powering the aspirations of modern India.

—Monali Sarkar

Svadeshi before Swadeshi

Svadeshi Before Swadeshi

Though Jamsetji Tata never took an ostentatious part in politics, the advancement of his country became core to his endeavours. He believed he would better serve India by heralding its industrial revolution and economic liberation. His country’s progress was to be the vindication of her demand for self-rule, self-governance and growing aspirations. Arrow

Keeping India's Tryst With Destiny

JRD Tata, who led the group through the transition from British India to independent India, marshalled the group's resources highlighting the “immense task of building the new India” in a letter to employees. He launched India’s first international airline, and a slew of iconic companies, which together became an unparalleled force for nation building. Arrow