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Safety and health

Tata Safety & Health Policy

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The Tata Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment and achieving an injury- and illness-free work place.

Economic considerations will not have priority over implementation of safety and health protection measures. While safety is everyone’s prime responsibility, senior leaders are expected to demonstrate visible commitment through their behaviour. To meet our commitment, we will;

  • Recognise safety and health as an integral part of our operations; consider Safety and Health in every decision we make and in every activity we perform.
  • Comply and endeavour to exceed applicable regulatory safety and health requirements and set the highest standards.
  • Impart appropriate training and develop skills by engaging employees to help them work safely.
  • Assess risks and provide controls for safety and health hazards in our operations and activities and use audits to check compliance.
  • Promptly report incidents, investigate for root causes and ensure lessons learnt are shared and deployed across the Group companies.
  • Influence our business partners in enhancing their Safety and Health standards. 
  • Set Safety and Health metrics as indicators of excellence, monitor progress and continually improve performance. 

We aspire to become world leaders and be a benchmark in safety and health performance in our respective business sectors. The key is in internalisation of safety and engagement with our employees.