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Tata Digital

Let’s create history, one code at a time.

November 2019

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India’s first luxury hotel. India’s first commercial airlines. India’s first IT company. The Tata Group has always been the first to venture into unchartered territories.  Now join us as we dive into our next big adventure - Tata Digital.

Tata Digital combines the thrill of a startup with the responsibility and legacy of a world-renowned brand like Tata. 

Join us as we build the next big thing in tech.

We are currently looking for the following roles.

Current Opportunities

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Tata Digital

Tata Digital

Simplifying Lives. Building Experiences.
Tata Sons Announces Appointment of CEO, Tata Digital
Press Release

Tata Sons Announces Appointment of CEO, Tata Digital

Pratik Pal will head the new entity which will incubate new digital businesses.

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Tata Sons

Tata Sons

Tata Sons is the principal investment holding company and promoter of Tata companies.