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Tata Medical & Daignostics

Tata Medical & Diagnostics

Founded on the principle of ‘Medtech for many’ Tata Medical and Diagnostics aims to bring medical care closer to the patients and their physicians.

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Tata Medical and Diagnostics Ltd (Tata MD) is a healthcare venture from the Tata group. Tata MD is a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons. We are focused on developing diagnostics and medical solutions that help make health and wellness care more accessible

Redefining Access To Medical Care

Founded on the principle 'Medtech for many', Tata MD aims to bring medical care closer to the patient and their physicians.

Tata MD started by developing and manufacturing breakthrough innovations in compact molecular and immuno-diagnostic platforms and a holistic condition management approach that makes delivery of care convenient and accessible.

At Tata Medical and Diagnostics, the aspiration is to build a world-class diagnostics and medical solutions organisation with a culture of open innovation, global network, and reach, backed by world-class, responsible corporate practices and underlined by the values of the Tata Group. We aim to build a new ecosystem by engaging with the medical care and diagnostics community, including its practitioners, innovators, organisations, policymakers, and patients, with focus, integrity, and compassion.

The vision is to be a trusted, long-term partner and help shape the evolution of healthcare towards more inclusive and integrated patient-centric solutions that are delivered to consumers using the innovative hybrid ‘Bridgital’ model.

By investing in robust partnerships and collaborative frameworks with global industry leaders and research organizations, TataMD will help build world-class science and technical capabilities as well as drive the use of digital technologies to ensure “connected care” for patients.

Current Focus

Tata MD is currently focused on diagnostics and safety service solutions for COVID-19 and building a complete portfolio of innovative diagnostic solutions across application areas.

The Vision

Tata MD aspires to be a leader in the global diagnostics and medical solutions sector, starting with breakthrough innovations in compact molecular and immuno-diagnostic platforms with an end-to-end condition management approach that makes care delivery convenient and easy to access. It intends to make care more timely through integrated, versatile, reliable, and easy-to-use diagnostic tools and accessible medical solutions.

Bringing Care Closer To Patient

Tata MD aims to make care more accessible by focusing on three core principles-

Patient Centricity: patient-centricity lies at the heart of Tata MD's reliable and accessible care solutions. With this insight driving actions, every action has patient care and comfort at its very core.

Technology Innovation: Tata MD is a digitally native organisation backed by a robust digital ecosystem. It aims to use digital acumen combined with the power of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet-of-things to empower all stakeholders and make care more accessible.

Integrated Care: by leveraging people, infrastructure, and technology, Tata MD strives to build an integrated care system.

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