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Sample Projects

Tata Global Internships has a range of projects in several business verticals and across multiple disciplines. What's common across each project is the fact that you will work alongside seasoned business leaders, subject matter experts and experienced professionals.

Take a look at some sample projects below.

Project Industry Description
Data Analytics Sustainable Farming Create an efficient and predictive sustainable farming system using data and technology. Build mobile-based applications to control and manage farms, populate metrics to drive an efficient system and set standard operating procedures that drive onsite behaviour. Identify key levers by engaging with agronomists and technology professionals.
Biotech engineering Sustainable Farming Analyse and build a closed system for Aeroponics and Hydroponics farming to thrive in the tropical climate. Create simulations by adjusting the various elements (e.g. moisture, air, sunlight, nutrients) to devise a system that can be efficient and cost-effective. Use modelling tools to find the optimum operational solution.
Brand communications & Marketing Sustainable Farming Create a multi-pronged go-to-market plan for the Aeroponics and Hydroponics business. This should include competitor benchmarking, ideal product mix, communication strategy, social media engagement plan etc. The entire focus should be on driving consumers to make a more 'conscious choice'.
Sustainability Sustainable Farming Create a comprehensive business and risk evaluation plan for a model using produce from Hydroponics and Aeroponics solutions. Identify and detail the commercial opportunity for the creation of a sustainable enterprise. Construct a business plan that could assist investment decisions. Build a model that includes product & volume estimates, capital and operational expenses, risk assessment and risk mitigation recommendations.
Biotech engineering Nutritional Sciences Conduct detailed research and analysis to create a comprehensive plan which looks at the exploration and evaluation of new products to provide solutions for crop nutrition using soil microbiome as a platform. Identify the feasibility of new products based on the current understanding of the soil microbiome.
Engineering Nutritional Sciences The company currently manufactures prebiotics via fermentation technology and focuses on solutions catered to the gut microbiome. With the fundamental understanding of microbiome science growing, applications are now seen in areas of skin microbiome, oral microbiome and more. Analyse the strategy of global players to create a product portfolio using microbiomes with possible formulations for the products.
Sustainability Power Micro-grids Identify the most efficient way of setting up a micro-grid installation. Document best practices from across the globe to enable smooth set up – procurement, logistics and implementation. Also, bottlenecks need to be identified and solutions recommended to solve concerns in the operating cycle by looking at best practices globally.
Finance Power Micro-grids Create the business plan which optimises capital requirements, financial and operational leverage requirements, risk assessment and expansion plans for setting up decentralised solar micro-grids in India
Brand communications & Marketing Power Micro-grids Build consumer awareness for microgrids by crafting a communications strategy for both rural and urban consumers. Support the same with primary and secondary research to identify motivators that will lead to a shift from traditional fossil fuels to clean renewable energy. Also, recommend other innovative means of communications.
Engineering Electric Mobility Study the value chain elements of electric vehicles and map out an effective charging system which would include intelligent cell monitoring, battery management, battery charging and power stage innovations. Also, build a road map for mass deployment and design charger stability while achieving operational excellence.
Brand communications & Marketing Financial Services Create a go-to-market strategy that engages multi-media channels to create consumer awareness for new products, increases cross-selling of products and reduces transaction costs.
Data Analytics Financial Services Using data analytics and competitor benchmarking, create independent research and process flow for each of Tata Capital's products which will help in determining the future product mix of the organisation.
Strategy consulting Financial Services Create a full-fledged business expansion plan understanding the target customer base, the product portfolio sought, competitor benchmarking and customer acquisition costs for Tata Capital's new offerings. Look at investments into other channels for e.g. cross-selling, social media etc.
Strategy consulting Hospitality Create a business and financial plan for 'The Chambers' (members-only club at Taj). Examine the existing business and perform competitor benchmarking against similar businesses from across the world. Leverage technology to create a customer engagement strategy using trends, consumer data and predictions to evaluate options
Finance Hospitality Review the Jiva Spa & Niu & Nau's current business model in light of the competition business models. Recommend strategies to build this as a standalone differentiated company and not just a value addition to the primary product (rooms & F&B). Evaluate and recommend measures to improve the profitability of this business.
Strategy consulting Hospitality Devise a comprehensive strategy consisting of value proposition, competitor analysis, the recommended mix of business portfolios, future roadmap to achieve target revenues and profits in light of declining market share and increasing operational costs.
Operational consulting Hospitality Understand and analyse emerging market segments for Amã Stays and Trails in India and abroad. Collate data on the business of luxury homestays in India and foreign countries basis the financial and demographic information available. Devise business strategies to target promising locations, alongside projected financial results.
Organisation Design Hospitality Devise plan which will help IHCL meet the goals stated in its 'Aspiration 2022' strategy document. Understand the organization's capabilities and recommend a plan to set up the R&D function. Also, define the roles and responsibilities, tools for selecting team members, deliverables, budgets/ funding required, possible partnerships that could be considered and performance metrics for this R&D division.
Sustainability consulting Food and Beverages Understand TGB's climate strategy, its goals and achievements. Understand how the various components of TGB's climate strategy such as climate governance, risk management process, low carbon/ carbon neutral products, GHG emissions methodology, GHG assessment as per ISO 14064, sustainability performance management system (SuPMS), CDP disclosure, science-based targets, internal price of carbon, photovoltaics, climate-resilient supply chain etc. affect its business and operations
Strategy consulting Food and Beverages Devise a strategy for TGB's tea cafe chain to stay competitive in the market. Identify key behavioural insights to recognise the right target group for the cafes. Also, explore loyalty programs, e-commerce model of business or any other innovative solution to increase business, brand recall and consumer awareness. Identify possible partners and stakeholders for development and full-scale implementation of the solution.
Brand communications & Marketing Food and Beverages Tata Global Beverages (TGB) and Tata Chemicals have announced the merger of the Tata Chemicals foods business with TGB to create a new entity. Conduct a study of global best practices in communicating corporate positioning, vision and values for the new entity. Engage with key stakeholders in the company to help identify key communication needs. Also, recommend communication routes - internal & external to effectively communicate the corporate positioning for the new entity.
Solid Waste Management Infrastructure Prepare a comprehensive solution that includes operations, technology enablement and a model to estimate CAPEX requirement towards vehicle mix to handle solid waste management. It will also include vendor evaluation and onboarding, and recommendations on core team structure and capability.
Financial Restructuring and M&A Group Analyze and deliver a plan on possible restructuring / merger of various entities to simplify group structure and other related benefits. There would be a potential requirement of changing the nature and responsibilities of various positions.
Employee Value Proposition Consumer and Retail Identifying and articulating the unique value proposition that a Tata company in the consumer vertical has, as an employer, on the back of its well-defined organisation culture and talent management philosophy,
Consumer Engagement Consumer and Retail Work with a team to create a comprehensive customer engagement strategy for a brand to increase conversion by creating content, analysing consumer behaviour and looking at ways to increase consumer value addition to increase monetisation
Actuarial Financial Services Create a predictive model for inconsistencies for various product lines. The model may be based on identifying key parameters that drive persistent behaviour. The model will help predict lapses for various lines of business with some degree of confidence to enable them to make tactical decisions.
Product Development Consumer and Retail Create an expansion roadmap for a product which has been successfully piloted; by taking key learnings from the test marketing phase, set success benchmarks and improvement areas for broader execution in defined geographies and demographics. Also create a distribution roadmap, work with agencies for above the line and below the line marketing plans.
Brand Postioning Consumer and Retail Build a comprehensive plan to differentiate and premiumize Titan Eyeware brand.Study the industry and competitors to identify best practices, trends and customer needs. Also chalk out the value proposition for the brand and recommend the product portfolio.
Supply Chain Consumer and Retail Analyse the existing supply chain and procurement process in Titan. Identify the bottlenecks in the prcoess and recommend solutions based on the study of best practices from across the world. Create a business plan for building scalable operations in the near future.
Marketing Automotive Re-engineer the customer centricity gene and design a branded customer experience that reflects the values, interests and benefits of Tata Motors brand in international markets in a way that is relevant and engaging. Draw inspiration from the best customer processes in the industry. Also develop a customer journey map and a 'driver tree' to show the impact of each driver on customer experience.
Private Equity Financial Services Assess for opportunities in digital health teachnology space. Identify the key players in the area and perform competitior benchmarking. Also, identify the major segments in digital health and their growth drivers. Provide financial assessment of the major players operating in the segment and commercial assessment of the macro opportunity.

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