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The Tata Administrative Service, as it was known then, was founded by the legendary JRD Tata as a means to attract and encourage the best managerial talent to the Tata group. 

Find out more about TAS and the process for 2020 in this compiled list of questions and answers.

1) What is TAS

TAS is the Tata group’s flagship leadership programme for campus as well as in-house talent (group companies). 

2) What is the selection process for TAS

TAS recruits from select business schools in India. The other path is for Tata group employees. Both these tracks have their own eligibility criteria, timelines and application processes, even though the training and induction process is common. Be sure to read specific FAQs below.

3) What does a future career for a TAS manager look like?

After a successful completion of the induction programme, TAS managers are placed in Tata group companies for an accelerated career growth across Tata group companies.

4) How does one apply for TAS?

TAS has separate processes for B-School campuses and for Tata group employees. Check the TAS Campus Program page for eligibility for the campus (Summer and Finals) pathway. Check the TAS In-house programme page or the FAQs below for TAS In-house.

TAS Campus (Summer and Finals) FAQs

1) When do the TAS Summer and TAS Finals process start?

The TAS summer internship selection process starts in September 2019 and TAS finals begins in November 2019.

2) Can I re-apply for TAS in my final year in case I haven’t got through the summer’s pre-placement process?

Yes! just ask your placement team to guide you.

3) Can I apply from an institute other than the ten campuses mentioned?

At this point we recruit only from IIM - Ahmedabad, IIM - Bangalore, IIM - Calcutta, IIM - Kozhikode, IIM - Lucknow, FMS-Delhi, TISS Mumbai, SPJIMR Mumbai, XLRI Jamshedpur and JBIMS Mumbai

4) Do I need work experience to apply?

You are eligible to apply with or without work experience.

TAS In-house

1) What is the eligibility criteria for TAS In-house?

Employment status: TAS In-house is open only to employees on permanent rolls of Tata group companies and Tata joint venture companies (excluding employees on JV partner rolls).

Education: You will need to have full-time bachelor’s degree in any discipline to be eligible.

Work Experience: You should have a minimum of two years continuous service in the group as on 1 April 2020. As an exception, all management trainees/ graduate engineer trainees/ employees of other structured group programmes that have joined the group on or before 15 September 2019  will be eligible for TAS In-house 2020.

As on 1 April 2020, you should have not more than six years total work experience after your bachelor’s degree, of which you should have spent at least two years in continuous service in the group on permanent rolls.

For the computation of the balance work experience, full-time, permanent, part-time, temporary, consultant, retainership assignments/employment will be considered. Short-term project internships will not be considered.

You should also have undergone a minimum of two continuous appraisal cycles within the group as on 1 April 2020.

A valid score for a GMAT test taken after June 2015 is necessary (as a reference point, last year’s GMAT score cut-off was 650). GRE score is not valid for TAS. Please register only after you secure a valid and final GMAT score.

2) How do I register for TAS In-house?

Check the TAS In-house page for the "apply" button which will be activated once application season opens. It is usually located near the bottom of the page.

You can register only once and those with multiple registrations/entries via varying names and GMAT score combinations will be unfortunately disqualified.

At the first stage, you are expected only to complete the registration process and not submit the full TAS application form. The TAS application form needs to be completed after meeting the GMAT score cut-off. 

3) Can I apply if I’ve taken a long leave/ sabbatical?

If you are currently on sabbatical, study leave, medical leave and leave without pay, you are eligible to apply for TAS In-house, subject to approval from your company HR department and if you are on the rolls of the company and viewed as continuous service. If selected, the you must join the program on the declared start date.

4) What is the process for a TBLA winner?

Top three winning teams at TBLA Finals - the winners, first runners up and second runners up will get a direct shortlist to the TAS Final Interview subject to meeting all the TAS In-house 2020 eligibility criteria stated above. Please see the TBLA page for more details.

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