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Set up in 1956 by the legendary JRD Tata, TAS is the Tata group's flagship leadership development programme. We offer you not just a job, but a career of diverse, enriching and challenging roles in some of India's leading companies.

Think your calling is beyond a regular job? Think that you have much more to offer? We think so too. We wish to create leaders who add to our strength.

Those that believe in good – and echo it in their thoughts, words, and deeds.

The ones that can go beyond the ordinary, to take the Tata group to greater heights. We’re not looking for those that fit role titles or job descriptions.

We want those that are passionate about what they do. Who can grow to be managers and specialists and who can smoothly adapt according to the need of the hour.

Think you’re it? Join us and #SettleForMore. 

Fast-track your career with TAS and get mentorship from the top echelons of leadership. You can imbibe an ensemble of perspectives that shapes your thinking, preparing you to take on positions of leadership as you rise.

When you join TAS, you get access to a world of learning. Through the course of your career, you can work in diverse roles around the globe, navigating industries and functions and discover a wealth of experiences, that lead to professional and personal growth. Moreover, your performance is enriched at every stage, through various developmental inputs, that make all the difference between a ‘good ‘and ‘great’ career.

Ready to find your true aspiration? Let’s settle it.

Path to TAS

There are three pathways to a career at TAS. 

Recruitment for TAS usually takes place during the latter half of a calendar year. Visit these pages to familiarise yourself and prepare to apply for TAS.

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TAS Campus #SettleForMore

TAS Campus #SettleForMore

Information, application process and FAQs for TAS Summer and Finals 2023
TAS In-house Programme 2024

TAS In-house Programme 2024

Registration for TAS In-house Process 2024 will open on January 29, 2024.

Tata Business Leadership Award (TBLA)

Registrations for Tata Business Leadership Award (TBLA), In-house, are open. Attractive prizes!
Invictas - Business Simulation Contest by TAS

Invictas - Business Simulation Contest by TAS

A business simulation game for B-School students in India. Attractive prizes!