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Apply To The SCIP Programme

Learn more about how SCIP works, the philosophy, the formats and apply

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Women play myriad roles in society. Quite often, due to personal and family responsibilities, women choose to opt out from their career. Later, when women decide to restart their professional journey after a hiatus, they are apprehensive and could do with guidance and hand-holding.

Tata SCIP is a platform that helps you overcome your apprehensions and provides you the exact guidance, hand-holding and flexibility to restart your career. The program has been specifically designed to make your onboarding process - when you are returning to work after a break – smoother, faster & more efficient.

The Philosophy

Many qualified, committed and ambitious women drop out of the workforce for several reasons such as marriage, motherhood, locational constraints, family commitments, and personal pursuits.  Many of them wish return to work and are looking for a way to harmonise professional and personal lives, but they find it extremely challenging to find corporate jobs, despite being qualified with relevant experience. SCIP was conceptualized and designed to address the challenge of a career break and meet their aspirations.

Who Can Apply?

Women who have a minimum of two years of continuous work experience in the relevant domain areas and are currently on a break and not employed with any organization can apply for jobs listed on the SCIP website. The duration of the break could be months or a few years.

Job Formats

SCIP offers a range of second career options so that women can choose to return to work, choose to slow down and work part-time, or shift gears and dive in to full-time employment.  Women can apply for assignments and roles posted through the year on the here.  Under these the three formats:

  • Projects: Duration of projects are typically for 3-6 months, wherein the working hours are mutually decided between the candidate and the reporting manager but are not equating to full hours*. Remuneration is dependent on duration, nature of project and relevant experience.
  • Consultant Roles: Consultant assignments are typically for a longer duration of 6-12 months and working hours are mutually decided between the candidate and the reporting manager. Remuneration is dependent on the role, relevant experience and duration
  • Full-Time Roles: This is regular on-roll employment, wherein the candidate works full time as per the company policy. Remuneration will be as per the hiring company's employment policy.

How To Apply?

Applying is a simple two-step process

  1. Registration: fill this form with your details. You need to register on the SCIP site before applying to projects and roles
  2. Search and apply: Browse through the listings or search for open roles and apply. Your application will be considered only for the role you have applied for. You can apply for multiple roles through SCIP.  Keep visiting to check all that’s new on SCIP and apply for relevant assignments and roles

Sign up for subscriptions on jobs posted by company/function, by which you will get notified every time a new job is posted that suits your requirement

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