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Internal Mobility

Cross-Industry Exposure Can Be An Insightful Journey

From energy to steel – Amit chose from a range of options to make his shift. Where would you like to go today?

April-May 2021     |     1-minute read

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Accelerate your growth within the Tata group - and experience the wide range of opportunity and progression that the group has to offer. Like Amit, who is featured on the banner above.

Amit Ameria moved from the energy and infrastructure company Tata Power to Tata Steel Long Products, Jamshedpur. He had a range of opportunities to choose from on the Tata Career Opportunities on the Tataworld portal.

Tata Career Opportunities Portal (COP) is a group mobility function that showcases diverse opportunities at the group.  Like Amit, if you are a current employee at a Tata group company, this platform gives you access to roles across companies, functions, and geographies.

For employing companies, this is a chance to access talent that is already aligned to the group’s ethos and culture. For you, it gives you the opportunity to progress within the group and gain exposure and experience that will help your professional growth. 

How to apply:

  1. Register on using your work email ID
  2. If already registered, log-in using your existing credentials
  3. Navigate to Group Programmes > Human Resources > Opportunities
  4. Search for the opportunities using the functions or departments as keyword(s)
  5. Fill in details; please see terms and conditions before applying

Note that internal transfer is possible only via the COP.

Please note:

  • The listings on the CoP portal are valid at the time of posting
  • The employing company may also post this opportunity for external candidates
  • These opportunities are posted for purposes of information only; all application and processing takes place on COP on Tataworld.
  • Do not send unsolicited applications or resumes via email to this website; they will not be acted upon
  • No Tata company asks for processing fees from applicants. Beware of job fraudDisclaimer.

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