December 03, 2010

Tata Tea Premium relaunches with a younger and stronger identity

Tea Experts Ka Anokha Mishran — “Badi Patti De Khushboo, Chhoti Patti De Kadakpan”
Tata Global Beverages (TGBL), India’s largest tea company, today, announced the relaunch of its flagship brand in India — Tata Tea Premium. Tata Tea Premium is currently the largest packet tea brand in the country, accounting for an all-India value share of 8 per cent (source: Nielsen September MAT 2010). The brand dominates several states in the northern, eastern and western parts of the country.
Launched in 1985, the brand revolutionised the way tea was sold in India, with the introduction of the polypack and the communication based on the platform of freshness. It continued to constantly refresh itself and challenge existing convention and in 2003 became the country’s largest brand. Recent examples of this were the consolidation of Tata Tea Premium, Gold, Agni and Life under the Tata Tea umbrella and the iconic Jaago Re campaign. With the Jaago Re campaign Tata Tea went beyond being just a tea brand, it has become a thought leader. It has become a crusader of sorts in awakening the entire nation to ‘be the change they want to see’. The Jaago Re campaigns have redefined the conventional code of the tea category and have made tea young and truly stimulating.
Speaking on the occasion of the relaunch of Tata Tea Premium, Sushant Dash, vice president, marketing, TGBL, said, “Tata Tea Premium is a brand which has achieved its leadership position by providing superior value to the consumer by innovating to give consumers what they really seek and constantly refreshing the way it has presented itself to the consumer. The intent of this relaunch is to take this brand further in this journey. What differentiates Tata Tea Premium from the others in the market is a unique blend which gives a cup of tea other brands find very difficult to match.” 
Central to this relaunch is to communicate this differentiator. The secret behind the great taste of Tata Tea Premium is the unique mix of different-sized teas.  Badi Patti gives flavour and Chhoti Patti gives strength, which when brought together in the perfect combination by TGBL's tea experts, give a unique taste which millions of Indians wake up to every day.
The last two years have been difficult for the tea category with tea prices in the auctions going up rapidly. This, combined with inflation on sugar and milk, has actually resulted in a drop in consumption per household for the category as a whole.
Reflecting the Tata culture and consumer-centric approach to business, Mr Dash had this to say, “We have been forced to take up prices in line with commodity increases but at no time did we compromise on quality. We would like to tell our consumers that we are committed to giving them the best value at all times and this relaunch is to reinforce that.”
Key elements of the relaunch include a new younger brand logo and pack face. It has been designed to create a stronger identity for Tata Tea Premium and make it younger. The pack clearly communicates the benefit of a great-tasting cup of tea through the Tea Experts Ka Anokha Mishran and Badi Patti / Chhoti Patti message. To reflect the stature of the brand as the leader which sells across the country, the word 'Premium' appears in various Indian languages as a background watermark.
The new TV campaign for Tata Tea Premium highlights the unique mix of big and small grains created by tea experts, which ensures the right balance of aroma and strength so that consumers can enjoy a great cup of tea. It is designed with the objective of enhancing value perception of the brand Tata Tea Premium.
Interestingly, the execution of the campaign takes forward the Jaago Re thought through the crusade against corruption while at the same time keeping the story of ‘unique mix’ of Badi and Chhoti Patti as it’s central theme. The product story comes forth entertainingly in the television commercial — which depicts a corrupt official asking for a bribe and using Patti as a metaphor for money from a lady wanting a licence to start a beauty parlour. And aptly, much to the insult of the corrupt official, the lady offers him a pack of Tata Tea Premium with Chhoti and Badi Patti.
Being a leading tea brand of the nation, Tata Tea Premium has taken the lead once again in providing value and a superior cup of tea to the consumers… while continuing to 'awaken' the nation.