October 05, 2017

Tata Steel's Q2 & H1 FY18 key production and sales figures (provisional)

Production and sales performance

All Figures are in million tonnes


Quarterly Half-yearly
  Items Q2 FY17
Q1 FY18
Q2 FY18
H1 FY17
H1 FY18
India Production 2.72 2.96 3.02 5.06 5.98
Sales 2.62 2.75 3.13 4.77 5.88
Europe Production 2.68 2.79 2.60 5.30 5.39
Sales 2.26 2.40 2.60 4.75 5.00
South-East Asia Production 0.54 0.50 0.60 1.11 1.10
Sales 0.65 0.60 0.67 1.30 1.27

*Note: Production numbers: India and South-East Asia - saleable steel production | Europe - liquid steel production

Key highlights: Tata Steel India

a) Tata Steel Jamshedpur

  • Blast furnaces achieved best-ever Q2 production of 2.8 million tonnes in FY18 (previous best 2.66 million tonnes in Q2 FY16)
  • Sinter plants achieved best-ever Q2 production of 2.09 million tonnes in FY18 (previous best 1.97 million tonnes in Q2 FY16)
  • Blast furnaces achieved lowest best-ever Q2 coke rate of 350 kg/thm in FY18 (previous best 372 kg/thm in Q2 FY17) and highest best-ever Q2 coal rate of 188 kg/thm in FY18 (previous best 180 kg/thm in Q2 FY17)
  • Cold rolling mill achieved best-ever Q2 production of 0.51 million tonnes in FY18 (previous best 0.46 million tonnes in Q2 FY15) at Jamshedpur and best-ever Q2 production of 0.161 million tonnes in FY18 (previous best 0.116 million tonnes in Q2 FY17) at Bara
  • Merchant mill achieved best-ever Q2 production of 0.118 million tonnes in FY18 (previous best 0.118 million tonnes in Q2 FY16)

b) Tata Steel Kalinganagar

  • Commissioning of metal recovery plant with hot trials
  • Heating up of the second unit of the sulphur recovery in by-product plant

c) Sales highlights

  • Q2 FY18 sales registered a volume growth of 12% (q-o-q) and 17% (y-o-y)
  • Hi-end product sales for automotive segment witnessed a growth of ~20% (y-o-y)

d) Awards & Recognition

  • Prime Minister's Trophy for the 'Best Integrated Steel Plant' in the country for FY15 and FY16
  • Winner in the ‘Iron & Steel’ sector for the Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards 2017
  • ‘The GreenCo Platinum Rating’ for Environment Excellence in Jamshedpur steel plant
  • Achieved the ‘Industry Best Score’ in the recently announced DJSI assessment and ranked second in overall steel industry ranking
  • National Safety Award (Mines) 2013 for longest accident free period in the following categories:
    • Coal Mine
      • Winner: Jamadoba mine
      • Runner-up:  Digwadih mine
    • Metal Mine (Open cast)
      • Winner: Sukinda chromite mine
      • Runner-up: Joda West manganese mine

Key highlights: Tata Steel Europe

  • Deliveries have been higher reflecting stable market conditions and improved finishing processes

Key highlights: Tata Steel South-East Asia

  • The WSH Council (Singapore) has recognised the efforts made by NatSteel for its newly launched initiative of ‘Drive Safe and Work Safe’ on Sep 14, 2017
  • NTS Steel Group of Tata Steel Thailand received ‘Prime Minister Industry Award’ for safety excellence
  • NTS Steel and SCSC (Siam Construction & Steel Company) received ‘National Safety Award’ from Ministry of Labour, Thailand