September 14, 2018

Tata Sky makes taking care of your family's health easier

Tata Sky Family Health to provide preventive healthcare guidance which showcases real people, real stories, real inspiration

Mumbai: Tata Sky, India’s leading content distribution platform, takes a step towards the much-needed conversation on health nationwide by launching Tata Sky Family Health. This interactive service will be offered free of cost to all Tata Sky subscribers. The service will be an amalgamation of the much sought-after medical information on various health-related issues from renowned doctors and people and caregivers sharing their experiences on having successfully overcome their challenges.
With one of the lowest doctor-patient ratio in the continent, India’s already overstretched medical fraternity cannot individually cater to all the questions that remain unanswered. It is also known that medical treatments are more effective when combined with lifestyle modification. Family involvement is crucial in bringing about the change.

Keeping this in mind, Pallavi Puri, chief commercial officer at Tata Sky, spoke about the need for such a service. “Tata Sky Family Health bridges the gap of addressing the concerns, fears, anxieties and doubts that ‘family health guardians’ have related to their familiy’s health. The content on this service is created and curated by a team of healthcare experts and doctors in the field of pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, autism, heart ailments, to name a few, and is all put together in the most relatable manner by our partners FamHealth”.

On partnering on content creation for this service of Tata Sky, Famhealth MD Asha Kapoor said, “We are very proud to partner with a innovative company like Tata Sky, who understands the importance of emotional support in healthcare. Beyond medicine lies a world of healthcare and lifestyle management at home, and we have put together a wide spectrum of content that ranges from everyday health to more serious conditions. The medical fraternity has contributed in our effort wholeheartedly and from their heart. We salute them.”

The ad funded service will inform, inspire and empower the family health guardian with content that will be relatable through enacted scenarios, expert talks, Q&As and much more. Be it shows like ‘Nurse Nisha’, giving tips on first aid; ‘Baby Care and Patient Care’; ‘Kilkaari’, a series on pregnancy; ‘Mr Diabetes’, a perpective from the condition itself, Tata Sky Family Health will offer a gamut of medical information. It will include updates on identifying symptoms that help decide when to rush for the right kind of medical attention, along with insights on healthcare. The content will also help viewers understand medical terms and educate them on how to read medical reports.

The service is exclusively available to all Tata Sky subscribers on #510 and also on the Tata Sky mobile app at no additional cost.