November 29, 2017

Tata Power helps raise awareness of Prime Minister's Ujjwala scheme among its communities

Close to 130 families benefitted by the initiative

Dherand, Alibaugh: Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, has always been a pioneer in supporting their communities for their holistic development. Following the philosophy, Tata Power Community Development Trust in India (TPCDT), in Mumbai, facilitated several services to raise awareness on Prime Minister’s Ujjwala Scheme for Self Help Group (SHG) members from BPL families. The initiative was aimed at building awareness and shifting the members to gas cylinders, which has benefitted over 130 families among the communities.

The SHG members enrolled in the beneficial scheme will receive support for gas stoves and life time support for gas cylinder at the rate of 12 cylinders per year. Overall implementation of the scheme will significantly impact the lives of the people from the communities. The shift to gas cylinders for cooking will improve health status of women in the family. Moreover, the team of TPCDT ensures that the scheme is effectively implemented in the region and the needy families are properly enrolled. Till date, more than 550 family members from 130 families of the communities are the beneficiary of the scheme.

Speaking on the initiative, Ashok Sethi, executive director and COO, Tata Power said, “We, at Tata Power are committed to improve the standard of lives of our communities. The initiative of connecting the SHG members of the BPL families to the Ujjwala scheme further reinforces our commitment towards their upliftment and development. The usage of gas cylinders will help in reducing health hazards among the women in the community. We are thankful to our partners and volunteers at TPCDT for effective implementation of the scheme and look forward to work in cohesion with the communities for further development.”

The SHG members who were enrolled in the drive were provided all necessary support by the well-trained members of TPCDT to complete the documentation process. The team had also helped the family members with the linkages to the government departments and the necessary advocacy to be enrolled under the scheme, aimed at making the communities more energy efficient and improving the standard of health and lifestyle.