May 17, 2017

Tata Power's Maithon Power successfully implements educational excellence programme

The programme is implemented in 33 government schools, covering more than 5,000 school children

Dhanbad: Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, has always focused on imparting quality education among the children of its communities to ensure a better future for them. In line with the philosophy, Maithon Power (MPL), the company's 74:26 joint venture with Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), is implementing an educational excellence programme in the peripheral villages of MPL. The educational programme is implemented under the thrust area of Vidhya, which will cover 33 government schools from 21 villages, reaching out to more than 5,000 school children. The programme, until now, has reached out to more than 2,700 girl students and close to 2,550 boy students in the region.

Children at the innovation mela

The programme, which has witnessed unprecedented success in the past, focusses majorly on increasing participation of children in the learning process at school along with improving the learning outcomes for children. The programme also emphasises on improving the learning experiences at school along with increasing parental and community participation to create an environment conducive for learning.

Following the programme, an innovation mela was organised in the upper middle school at Palarpur, where children from 33 government schools in the Nirsa block participated in the programme and presented several frugal, low-cost and innovative models in science, language, social studies and mathematics. Debabrata Guha, chief executive, TPCDT, graced the occasion as the chief guest.

The programme is designed for the children to understand their academic levels and gradually customise solutions. The programme also addresses to bridge the academic gap and gradually bring the students at par with their grade-specific curriculum. Furthermore, specific modules, such as Nano Vyagyanik, ensure that children grasp concepts of science, whereas Ganit Sahej Hain helps in developing the mathematical understanding along with skill building in reading, writing and understanding written text and literature.

Speaking on the initiative, K Chandrashekhar, CEO and ED, Maithon Power, said, “Tata Power has been striving hard towards the development of the local communities in and around its project areas with a special emphasis on school education. The company firmly believes that quality education is the base for a brighter future generation. The educational excellence programme reaches to the students among our communities and ensures that they are imparted with quality education and guidance. We will focus in extending the programme further so that the benefits are magnified to a larger scale.”

The programme has been implemented in five levels, with each level followed by an assessment. The first level involved identification, interaction, and situational analysis for all children, followed by an 80-hour literacy programme (one hour/day/batch) for children lacking basic literacy skills. The 180-hour bridge course set 1 (one hour/day/batch) for children having grade-specific academic deficit has been initiated, followed by another bridge course for children with literacy-reading-comprehending capabilities. The last level involves grade-specific learning for holistic development of the children.

The educational excellence programme also involves activity-based learning kits, libraries and sports club with sport kits, which makes learning an interesting process for the children and creates a conducive learning environment in school.