August 11, 2017

Tata Power's Industrial Energy emerges as trusted partner for holistic development at Kalinganagar

Kalinganagar, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack: Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, has always strived hard to improve the lives of its communities. In line with this philosophy, Industrial Energy (IEL), a joint venture of Tata Power and Tata Steel, has constantly engaged with its communities to ensure holistic development in its area of operations. The company has successfully engaged in the field of education, livelihood, health and sanitation, and community welfare, emerging as the trusted partner for holistic development among the communities in Kalinganagar.

Through the range of activities, touching the lives of its community people, IEL has successfully reached out to 18,625 people and has played a significant role in improving their lifestyle.

To start off, IEL endeavoured in providing educational and residential facilities at Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) to 30 girl students from indigenous tribal communities across 21 villages. The initiative has helped the girl students from underprivileged class of the society to have access to higher education. Apart from this, IEL provides special coaching for students belonging to SC/ST and BPL families in subjects such as mathematics, science and English, which has benefitted 1,100 students from standards 6th to 10th in nearby villages of Kalinganagar area.       

Moreover, IEL worked with the rural community and formulated Village Development Committees (VDCs) in 20 villages and 20 SHGs to provide them with sustainable livelihood options. VDC is a unique concept, a first-of-its-kind in the field of CSR in the industry. Nearly 200 farmers were associated with VDCs for developing Integrated Framing System (IFS) in their agriculture filed. IEL provides technical guidance, training, hand holding, support and quality seeds to farmers by utilising company resources and linking with the government schemes to have better output of the programme.

In five villages, a solar-powered drinking water supply system developed by the IEL is being used. Furthermore, community centres established in Arasahi and Bargadia villages of Jajpur district have helped in creating recreation and assembling spaces for 480 individuals around the villages. Moreover, IEL has built a dining hall in Balipal Ashram School, which is catering to the needs of 250 students residing in school campus.

Commenting on the initiatives, Vijayant Ranjan, CEO, IEL, and Chief Kalinganagar Station, said, “We, at Industrial Energy Limited, have always been committed to the well-being of our communities. It is heartening to see that our initiatives have aided in changing lives of our people around our plant. We will be working together with all our stakeholders and strive hard to bring about positive change in the lives of our communities”.

IEL also touched the lives of people in 45 villages in Jajpur by installing solar street lights and one micro grid. The effort benefitted close to 8,200 resident villagers.