June 12, 2017

Tata Power's Haldia Power Plant organises summer camp for employees' children

Haldia: Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company, has always been a pioneer in undertaking employee-centric initiatives and ensuring a strong bond with the workforce through employee engagement drives. In line with this philosophy, Tata Power’s Haldia power plant organised a summer camp for the employees' children during their summer vacation. The effort was appreciated by the students and the parents and witnessed an overwhelming response, like last year.

Employees' children participate in full gusto in the summer camp organised for them

The objective of organising the summer camp was to provide the school children an opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities and mix with other students to form bonhomie among them. Fifteen students participated in the summer camp. The various sessions and games at the summer camp were conducted by ALAPAN, Haldia. The camp included sessions on puppet and puppetry, craft works, clay modelling, script writing along with theatre presentation, meditation, performing yoga with music, interpersonal skills, language and team building games, development of memory power, life-saving knots, pantomime and public speaking.

The camp aimed to instil values of teamwork and individual responsibility in a healthy and competitive environment and building individual character, confidence and skills through a wide range of activities and interactions. It also encouraged on decision making, both independently and collectively. Engaging, interactive and communicative teaching methods played an essential part on all the camp days and it was ensured that all participants get individual attention.

Speaking on the event, Abhijit Ain Das, chief, Haldia Station, said, “We, at Tata Power’s Haldia division, have always taken care of our employees and their family members, and have ensured to put our best efforts for their integrated development. The objective of organising the summer camp was to create a platform and atmosphere for the children and help them learn new things and to showcase their talent. The camp also helped to spread the message of cohesive effort and team-building”.

During the concluding ceremony, the audience were enthralled by the programme conducted and performed by the children. The programme featured prayer, chorus singing, proscenium theatre, pantomime, puppet drama, yoga with music, speech, recitation and dance. An exhibition on clay modelling, craft work and puppet work done by the participants was also on display. The camp concluded with an award ceremony, which was the perfect way to end the camp.