May 08, 2018

Tata Power Delhi Distribution takes precautionary measures in wake of impending storm

New Delhi: In view of the weather forecast of heavy rains, dust and thunderstorms over Delhi during the evening hours, Tata Power-DDL has taken the following precautionary measures to maintain and restore power supply:

  1. All field and maintenance staff have been kept on high alert, with fully charged mobiles and wireless sets
  2. Additional staff have been deployed at key locations across the distribution network
  3. Control centres have been set up for monitoring real time situation
  4. Mobile tree trimmers, hydraulic lift vehicles have been kept on stand-by for immediate deployment
  5. Inventory of poles, conductors have been checked at all 47 zonal offices in North and North-West Delhi (area of operation)
  6. Staff have been informed and alerted with arrangement of
    1. Cranes
    2. Vehicles for site movement
    3. Chain saws for branch cutting
  7. Call centre staff have been alerted to provide faster resolution of complaints through coordination with the ground staff.

Sanjay Banga, CEO, Tata Power-DDL, said, “Tata Power-DDL is serving a populace of 70lakh in North and North-West Delhi and has effective disaster management system, contingency planning, inter-grid connectivity in place including a system of back feeding and capacity to run the network on emergency mode. It is fully capable to restore the power supply at the earliest in case of any distribution or fault arising due to the impending storm. Tata Power-DDL is also prepared for N-1 power supply to critical public services like Delhi Jal Board Plants, DMRC, Railways, Hospitals, LG House, etc.”