January 03, 2017

Tata Power Coastal Gujarat Power launches bio-diversity club in Mundra

Mundra: Tata Power through its wholly-owned subsidiary Coastal Gujarat Power (CGPL) has been relentlessly working towards promoting bio-diversity and environment conservation in and around its plant sites. In line with this commitment, Tata power has signed an MoU with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) where CGPL has been considered as the learning hub. In pursuance of this endeavour, during Tata Volunteering Week 6, CGPL has launched a bio-diversity club. Thorough this initiative, CGPL will develop programmes for preservation and conservation of the rich bio-diversity present in Kutch.

Over the years, CGPL has undertaken various programs to safeguard the bio-diversity around its plant sites like mangrove plantation under IUCN-MFF Project near the plant vicinity and in Bharuch while collaborating with GEC ( Gujarat Ecological Council) , sea turtle monitoring in association with BNHS, biodiversity conservation in Kutch in association with Sahajeevan, which is one of the most reputed organisations in the region, wherein  20 bio-diversity projects have been identified in two phases. The conservation plan has already been prepared and being implemented. Significant among them on which the work has already started are (a) white napped tit (Machlolophus nuchalis), a bird species (b) Olax Nana which are the two important species of flora and fauna respectively. 

Further to these efforts, CGPL has now initiated its own bio-diversity club with the objective of developing a people centred-approach for bio-diversity conservation for creating more awareness among the employees. The club will regularly carry out programmes that will work towards protecting and conserving the bio-diversity found around its area of operation. Since its introduction, over 95 employees have signed up and the club intends to provide these members with a basic understanding on the environment, while also educating them about the importance of biodiversity. The club will work towards motivating individuals to participate in activities that help protect the environment.

Speaking on the initiative, KK Sharma, ED and CEO, CGPL, said, “Kutch region is very special from a biodiversity point of view as it harbours its own unique forms of desert flora and fauna. Some species of plants and animals are of high conservation significance, both at the national and international level. Therefore, we at Tata Power’s Coastal Gujarat Power took up this initiative to set up a bio-diversity club that will implement conservation programs to ensure the safety of the various species  found in and around our power plants. We are grateful to our employees for the hard work they have put in to ensure the success of this initiative. CGPL’s bio-diversity club demonstrates our unwavering support and commitment towards society as a whole.”

The club was inaugurated by Mr Sharma on day one of the Volunteering Week 6. Following the inauguration a deliberation and mutual learning workshop was organised. These sessions were followed by an exposure visit to ‘Ghuneri’, a well-known inland mangrove bio-diversity site situated near Lakhpat in Gujarat. This site is approximately 160km from the CGPL plant site.  Over 32 employees of CGPL enthusiastically participated in the exposure visit.

During the Ghuneri visit, educational sessions and interactions were held with experts, and members were given in-depth information on the role they could play on a personal level. They were also made aware of endangered birds, plants and other species through visual displays. The volunteers were introduced to the local bio-diversity management committee as well. The one-day event witnessed volunteers putting nests in trees to attract more birds in the region.