December 13, 2017

Tata Power's Club Enerji organises rally to raise awareness for a plastic-free environment

Mumbai: Club Enerji, Tata Power's nationwide movement, has played a significant role in sensitising citizen on the importance of conservation of energy and natural resources. The campaign has touched upon various cities in the country and is largely led by the school students. Following the philosophy, Lok Puram Public School and Sri Harkishnan English High School in Thane, Maharashtra, organised an impactful rally in the adjoining areas to raise awareness for a greener and healthier environment. Around 90 students took to the streets to make the Club Enerji rally a resounding success.

Students of the school prepared banners and slogans to raise awareness for a greener and healthier environment

The rally was organised by the Enviro Squad of the Conversation Club of Lok Puram Public School, Thane. The major objective of the rally was to interact with the vegetable vendors in and around Lok Upvan and sensitise them on the harmful effects of plastic. The students interacted with the vegetable vendors and persuaded them to reduce the usage of plastic bags. Moreover, the conversation was also aimed to persuade the vegetable vendors to convince the customers to use cloth bags to carry vegetables.

The rally started at 10:30am from Lok Puram School and ended at 12 noon. The rally covered area around the schools and even the local markets. The students thereafter went back to school to continue with the regular classes. Around 1000 people were sensitised during the rally.

Speaking on this initiative, Anil Sardana, MD, and CEO, Tata Power, said, “Over the past decade, Tata Power’s Club Enerji has grown from a concept to being one of nation’s leading campaign for conservation of energy. It is more encouraging to see that the initiative is led by the school students who aim for a greener and better future. The initiative undertaken by Lok Puram Public School is praiseworthy and reinforces our commitment towards a cleaner society. We take this opportunity to congratulate the participating students and the school along with our volunteers for a successful campaign to ensure minimal usage of plastic bags by the vegetable vendors in the region.”

The Club Enerji programme has reached out to over 500 schools in India and has sensitised over 15 million citizens, who in turn have helped save more than 21 MU of electricity till date. The club also has 1,536 self-sustaining mini Club Enerjis and has won several national and international accolades.