July 13, 2017

Tata Power's Club Enerji saved more than 31,498 units of energy in Bengaluru in FY17

Sensitised over 35,808 citizens of the city

Bengaluru: Tata Power's nationwide resource and energy conservation movement, Club Enerji, has been constantly spreading awareness about resource conservation across the country, with a strategic focus on national building. Continuing with this momentum, in 2016-17, Club Enerji, sensitised around 35,808 citizens in Bengaluru through a primary contact programme as well as secondary sensitisation, and saved 31,498 units of energy in the city.

Tata Power’s Club Enerji movement in Bengaluru currently has 761 energy champions and 698 energy ambassadors across schools. Tata Power's energy conservation programme, introduced in 10 schools in the city, aims at creating the maximum impact by educating and creating awareness among citizens on the effective management and conservation of energy in our everyday life. In 2016, the initiative launched a new online module on disaster management to attain widespread awareness around precautionary measures against calamities.

Speaking on this achievement, Anil Sardana, CEO and Managing Director, Tata Power, stated, “Tata Power has been successfully running our campaign of energy conservation as Club Enerji, for past 10 years now. The campaign has witnessed immense success in Bengaluru city by sensitising people along with the students’ communities on the importance of energy conservation and the scarcity of natural resource. We, at Tata Power, are delighted and proud to achieve this significant milestone with our focused approach of spreading the message of energy conservation across the country. I take this opportunity to thank our partners, students, principals, teachers and parents in helping us achieve this milestone”. 

Club Enerji’s story began in 2007 in Mumbai with 12 schools. The pilot programme demonstrated the various benefits of energy conservation to the children, and encouraged them to spread the message further. As the years passed and the company evolved, so did this programme. By 2008, the movement scaled to 48 schools of Mumbai and Belgaum, and by 2009, the movement went national from being a solely Mumbai-centric programme. In 2011, the programme grew to include resource conservation modules and the moral and civic values propagation modules in the programme, thereby, widening the scope of Club Enerji. Over the years, the movement also rolled out resource conservation and waste management modules.

As part of its initiatives, Club Enerji also organises activities, such as nature trails and visits to Tata Power Mahseer hatchery in Lonavala, for the school students, to increase awareness on its conservation projects and also provide practical knowledge about the environment. Today, Club Enerji has become a holistic movement to save energy and natural resources. Club Enerji banks on the youth of the nation and has essentially worked towards curbing energy wastage, thereby mitigating emission of greenhouse gases that lead to global warming and climate change.