October 09, 2012

Tata Steel wins Deming Grand Prize 2012

The first integrated steel company in the world to win this award

Jamshedpur: Deming Grand Prize (DGP) is the highest honour in quality awarded to a company for excellence in Total Quality Management (TQM). The award is given by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) to companies for demonstrating practicing TQM in the areas of production, customer service, safety, human resource, corporate social responsibility, environment, etc. So far, 22 companies worldwide have won the DGP since the time it was instituted in 1969, of which three are Indian companies.

Tata Steel has created history by becoming the first integrated steel company in the world to be awarded the coveted prize.

The award was notified today by the Deming Prize Committee instituted by the JUSE, the apex body spearheading the quality movement. The formal award ceremony will take place on November 14, 2012 in Tokyo.

Tata Steel has been on the TQM journey for over two decades. This has helped Tata Steel conduct its business in an effective and efficient way. Tata Steel's drive towards TQM resulted in several recognitions such as the Tata Business Excellence Model Award, JRD QV Award and the Deming Application Prize. This has enabled the company to address different phases of its business environment and its growing aspirations.

HM Nerurkar, managing director, Tata Steel, thanked all the employees of Tata Steel, its customers and key stakeholders who have consistently embraced the culture of TQM and demonstrated great teamwork.

Mr Nerurkar, while expressing satisfaction over this accomplishment, said, "Looking into the future when Tata Steel sets out to realise more challenging targets in an increasingly uncertain environment with multiple and new stakeholders, I am confident that the TQM journey will help us in sustaining the positive energy in the entire organisation enabling the achievement of customer focused business goals.”