September 02, 2009

Tata Motors introduces the all new Tata 407 Pickup, Tata Super Ace and Tata Ace EX

Mumbai: Tata Motors today unveiled its all new ‘Tata 407 Pickup’ and the new offerings from the Ace Platform — ‘Tata Super Ace’ and ‘Tata Ace EX’ — across the country.

The introduction of these new products — Tata 407 Pickup, Tata Super Ace and Tata EX are all set to vitalise the sub-one-tonne to 3-tonne segment with more payload options and greater power for the changing demands of its customers. These vehicles signal Tata Motors' commitment to provide better quality vehicles at affordable price to enable consumers to enhance their business needs. 

Commenting on the launches, president of Tata Motors commercial vehicle business unit, Ravi Pisharody said, “It has always been our commitment to continually refresh our product portfolio with both, new products and improvements on proven platforms, guided by our customers' feedback.”

Tata 407 Pickup
The Tata 407 Pickup comes with a payload of 2.25T, which offers nearly double the payload of any other pickup vehicle in the market. Thus customers do not face any hassles of overloading. Further, the Tata 407 Pickup gives customers the benefit of a relatively small turning circle radius of 5.5m which, along with an overall length of only 4,700 mm, helps in manoeuvrability even in narrow lanes. The inherent ability of this vehicle gives the customer an opportunity of carrying 2T loads for longer distances, which translates into more business.
The Tata 407 Pickup comes with a service interval of 20,000 km enabling the customer to spend less on maintenance. The legendary 407 platform with three years/ three lakh km warranty gives confidence and assurance of extended life. The Tata 407 Pickup comes with a competitive price which gives the benefit of almost the same EMI, similar down payment, making it an attractive business proposition.

Tata Super Ace
The Tata Super Ace is a powerful, fuel-efficient, ultra-stylish one-tonne truck with unmatched 70 HP and top speed of 125 kmph to hit the Indian roads. The vehicle is a four cylinder, 475 IDI turbo intercooled diesel engine which comes with a payload of 1,000 kg. It offers a larger deck length of 8’7”, perfect for voluminous loads. The Tata Super ACE offers superior comfort for the driver, sleek styling, with a fully functional dashboard with lockable glovebox, provision for mobile charger, ORVMs on both sides and sun visor. It also has power steering, bucket seats with front to rear adjustment for better drivability and roomy, car-like interiors. The overall length of 4,340 mm allows for easy access in narrow lanes. The Tata Super Ace comes with 12 months/ 50,000km warranty which gives confidence and assurance of extended life.

The Tata Super ACE will now enable owners to increase the number of trips in the day, provide better earnings and faster growth, thus keeping pace with the growing business needs.

Tata Ace EX
The Tata Ace EX offers an increased mileage of up to 6 per cent-10 per cent over the current Ace. It has been equipped with superior features such as five-speed gear box in order to reach out to farther locations in less time with more savings, bigger tyres with higher ground clearance to negotiate off-terrain with ease, unique electronic stop and start arrangement that saves fuel at traffic jams by auto ignition and clutch start.

The Tata Ace EX comes with a warranty of 36,000km/12 months.