April 27, 2012

Tata Innovista 2012 receives over 2,800 entries from 71 companies

Mumbai: Tata Group Innovation Forum (TGIF) announced the winners of the Tata Innovista 2012, at an awards ceremony held in Mumbai, last evening.

Tata Innovista is a group-wide programme held annually to encourage, recognise and showcase outstanding innovations done by Tata companies across the globe. From 282 entries from 44 Tata companies in 2008, to 2,852 entries from 71 Tata companies in 2012, Tata Innovista has grown exponentially, signifying a growing culture of innovation and risk-taking in the Tata group.

Fifty-nine Tata companies from India and 12 from overseas participated in the regional rounds of Tata Innovista 2012, to qualify for the global round. The entries at the regional rounds, held in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, London, New Jersey, Thailand and Shanghai, were reviewed by eminent external experts. Ninety-four teams from 28 Tata companies were shortlisted for the global round. The finalists were judged by a panel of internal and external jury, comprising distinguished personalities.

In the finals, awards were given under three categories:

  • Promising Innovations — Most successfully implemented innovations during the year with sub-categories of Product innovations, Service innovations, Core process innovations and Support process innovations. One thousand and sixty entries were received under this category. The awards went to:
    • Product innovations: Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Steel Europe
    • Service innovations: Tata Technologies
    • Core process innovations: Tata Chemicals and Tata Steel Europe
    • Support process innovations: Tata Power Delhi Distribution
  • The Leading Edge — Most promising business ideas for the future with sub-categories of most innovative Unproven idea which has potential for the future and, a new sub-category, most innovative Proven technology that is developed and piloted, but is yet to be commercialised. One thousand seven hundred and five entries were received under the category. The awards went to:
    • Unproven idea: Two entries from Tata Chemicals won in this category
    • Proven technology: Tata Steel Europe, Tata Steel and Jaguar Land Rover
  • Dare to Try — Most novel, daring and seriously attempted ideas that did not achieve the desired results. This award is given to encourage a culture of risk-taking, perseverance and sharing openly. The 2012 edition received 87 entries under this category. The award went to:
    • Rallis India

In 2006, the Tata group started the process of capturing and celebrating innovations of Tata companies through Tata Innovista. The objective of this programme is to capture innovations in Tata companies, encourage innovators and innovations in Tata companies, share the levers used by them to identify and execute innovation projects, and to create a culture of risk-taking. In order to support Tata companies in their journey of innovation, TQMS, a division of Tata Sons, formed the Tata Group Innovation Forum (TGIF) in 2007. The objective of TGIF is to encourage, inspire and help create a culture that promotes innovation in Tata companies. Over the past five years, TQMS, under the guidance of TGIF, has been connecting Tata companies all over the world, stimulating innovative thinking and encouraging collaborative research.