December 21, 2010

Jemco and ISWP celebrate Platinum Jubilee

Jamshedpur: The Platinum Jubilee of Jemco and ISWP was celebrated today. On the occasion, HM Nerurkar, managing director, Tata Steel, was present as the chief guest.
ISWP, the first and oldest wire products company in India was taken over by Tata Steel in 2003 when it was declared a sick company. Over the last seven years, the company has posted a remarkable turnaround and is constantly charting the progressive path.
Addressing the employees at Jemco and ISWP, Mr Nerurkar congratulated them for the excellent turnaround and assured all the help in further growth of the company in wire rods and wire products and Jemco in rolls and castings.
In order to mark the occasion, Mr Nerurkar also inaugurated the Platinum Jubilee Knowledge Centre and Platinum Jubilee Garden at Jemco and ISWP, respectively. He also visited the wire rod mill and wire mill galvanising plant. 
Also present  on the occasion were AM Misra, chairman, ISWP; Pradeep Srivastava, MD, ISWP; Rakeshwar Pandey, president, Jemco and ISWP Workers’ Union, senior executives of both the companies and others.

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