February 22, 2017

Tetley in India tells the story of 'everyday super humans'

Taking one of the world’s healthiest beverages to the next level, Tetley Super Green Tea is introduced in India with a record setting event and a light-hearted ad campaign featuring former Indian cricket captain, Sourav Ganguly

Tata Global Beverages launched a new range of Tetley Super Green Teas under their Tetley portfolio at a Guinness World Records® record-setting event at NSCI in Mumbai recently. The Zumba concert, led by the new face of Tetley in India – former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly, actress Neha Dhupia, actor and TV show host Shibani Dandekar, and renowned Zumba Education Specialist, Shwetambari Shetty had 2,000 people set the Guinness World Records® record for the largest gathering of people wearing capes. It was a remarkable sight as people from different walks of life came together under one roof to celebrate the spirit of ‘Everyday Super Humans’.

Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly (second from left) at the launch event of Tetley Super Green Teas in India

After pioneering the green tea wave in India, Tata Global Beverages, the second largest tea company in the world, introduces a first-of-its-kind vitamin-enhanced range of Super Green Teas as the latest addition to the company’s green tea portfolio. The company has always pushed the envelope when it comes to innovation, aiming to offer consumers products that suit their changing needs, evolving tastes, and varying lifestyles. This journey of innovation has led to the creation of Tetley Super Green Tea which caters to those people who are faced with super human expectations every day.

Taking one of the world’s healthiest beverages to the next level with added vitamin-enhanced benefits, Tetley Super Green Tea is truly the ‘super hero’ of green teas. The Tetley Super Green range consists of Tetley Super Green Boost – a combination of lime and mint green tea with vitamin B6 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and Tetley Super Green Immune – which is a combination of citrus and honey green tea with Vitamin C, to help support the immune system.

Speaking about the launch of Tetley Super Green Tea, Sushant Dash, regional president – India, Tata Global Beverages, said, “At Tata Global Beverages, the consumer is at the heart of everything we do and Tetley Super Green stands true to this testament. With the range of Tetley Super Green Teas, we are giving people added benefits in their cup of green tea – making it truly super. In today’s world, people are constantly faced with Super Human expectations and could use a boost to live up to it all. This new offering celebrates the spirit of ‘everyday super humans’ and the Guinness World Records® achievement is only the beginning of this product’s journey in India.”

Speaking about his association with the brand, Sourav Ganguly, brand ambassador – Tetley and the beloved “Dada” (meaning father) of Indian cricket says, “I feel extremely honoured to be associated with an international brand like Tetley that works tirelessly to give their consumers the best products possible. Tetley Super Green, as the brand name suggests, truly believes that ordinary people are capable of doing super things. Tetley Super Green Boost and Immune contain Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C respectively, which enhance the functionality of green tea to help us deliver on super human expectations every day.”