August 25, 2017

Tata STRIVE awarded for service excellence by ASSOCHAM

Anita Rajan, chief operating officer, Tata STRIVE, receives the Service Excellence Award in Education and Consultancy from Dr Udit Raj, Member of Parliament, at the Summit cum Excellence Awards by the ASSOCHAM

Delhi: Tata STRIVE has been awarded the Service Excellence Award in the category of Education and Consultancy by ASSOCHAM, at the Summit cum Excellence Awards hosted at Hotel the Park, New Delhi.

With rapid developments in information technology, globalisation, changing customer needs and preferences, and the changes in relative wealth between the developed and the newly developed economies; the dominance of the service sector in India and the many challenges it faces makes it increasingly important for businesses and non-profits to consider, support, and reinforce it. Recognising this, ASSOCHAM has been actively participating in the promotion of skill development programmes in various parts of India, and has emerged as a fountainhead of knowledge for the Indian industry.

Tata STRIVE is the group-wide, group-led skilling initiative that is present in 20 Indian states and has more than 60 Tata STRIVE centres. It actively builds partnerships with Tata companies, non-profits, non-Tata companies, government agencies, foundations, trusts and banks to form well-crafted, job-oriented courses to hone the skills of the youth.