June 06, 2018

Tata Steel celebrates World Environment Day

Jamshedpur: The World Environment Day was celebrated by Tata Steel on June 6, 2018, at the SNTI Auditorium. The theme of the celebration focused around the UNEP 2018 theme of #BeatPlasticPollution.

Sanjiv Paul, vice president safety, health and sustainability, Tata Steel, interacting with Saryu Rai at Paryavaran Mela in Ranchi

Dr Ajay Mathur, director general, The Energy Research Institute, was the chief guest of the function which was hosted by Sanjiv Paul, vice president safety, health and sustainability, Tata Steel. Dr Mathur expressed his views on the role of individuals for preventing plastic pollution and how small steps can lead to a greater environmental good. He has also talked about the creation of innovative business models for plastic waste collection, segregation and recycling. He praised Tata Steel for taking exemplary and pioneering steps towards sustainable development in the Indian corporate sector. Speaking on the occasion Mr Paul stressed on the fact of how climate change has become an imminent threat to humanity and the need for taking immediate steps by organisations to curb it. He also talked about the traditional method of steel production in India, the challenges around making it less carbon intensive and how Tata Steel is taking proactive steps like technology advancement and shadow carbon pricing to bring about a visible change.

Tata Steel awarding school children for various competitions and the Green School Project during the World Environmental Day celebrations at Jamshedpur

The function also marked the conclusion of the month long activities around environment protection through avoidance of plastic as well as the Water Conservation Campaign which was kick-started on March 22, 2018. Various events were organised as a run-up to the function including Greenathon for citizens of Jamshedpur, article writing competition for employees, painting and debate competition for school children, internal idea generation session on water conservation, water vigilance week, quiz on water conservation, and environment protection. Awards were also given to schools which performed well in the Green School Project which is a collaboration between Tata Steel and TERI in promoting environment stewardship at grassroots level by connecting with schools and community members. All the events witnessed overwhelming participation from the citizens of Jamshedpur, school children, and employees of Tata Steel, wherein they pledged on avoiding plastics and conserving water. Awards were distributed to school children for the various competitions mentioned above and also for the Green School Project.